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Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss Hoax, FTC Files Suit

2014 FTC Lawsuit for Bogus Weight Loss Claims Related to Green Coffee Beans

The Federal Trade Commission is suing a Florida-based operation which used bogus weight loss claims in addition to fake news websites to market and sell Pure Green Coffee, a dietary supplement which was made hugely popular on 'The Dr. Oz Show'.

Unfortunately for consumers, green coffee bean extract was highlighted as a potent weight loss treatment - a powerful fat burner.

Strong Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Supplement

1. Because green coffee beans aren't roasted they contain higher amounts of chlorogenic acid,  a chemical. This chemical may react adversely with the heart and other organs of the human body. It also contains high amounts of homocysteine which may effect the heart.

2. If inhaled, adverse respiratory effects could occur.

3. It may create caffeine-like effects [jitters, insomnia, irritability, increase in heart rate and blood pressure].

4. It has not been deemed safe for pregnant or lactating women.

5. It may increase anxiety.

6. It may increase pressure within the eye.

7. Green Coffee Bean supplements may also make diarrhea worse and/or worsen symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

8. It may worsen bleeding disorders.

9. It may increase bad cholesterol.

10. It may contribute to thinning bones.

Deceptive Trade Practices Involved Behind Green Coffee Bean Extract

The Pure Green Coffee extract was sold after the 'Dr. Oz Show' promotion at the cost of about $50 for a one-month supply. It was sold under various .com websites, often containing one of the following words: green coffee, weight loss and weight control.

The websites featured footage from 'The Dr. Oz Show' in addition to claims of 'clinical proof' that dieters could rapidly shed pounds without altering their current daily diet or their exercise routines. In addition to the websites, the defendants behind Pure Green Coffee ran paid ads which contained phony weight loss claims.

The news sites that were setup and established on the Internet featured mastheads of fictitious news organizations including Women's Health Journal and Healthy Living Reviewed. In addition, they contained logos which were appropriated from valid news organizations like CNN and MSNBC.

False Claims Made for Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

1. Lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

2. Lose 16% of body fat in twelve weeks.

3. Lose 30 pounds and four-to-six inches of belly fat in three to five months.

4. Falsely touted that studies prove Pure Green Coffee use can result in an average weight loss of 17 pounds in 12 weeks OR 22 weeks, weight loss of 10.5 percent and body fat loss of 16% without exercise or dieting.

5. The FTC charged the defendants for deceptively failing disclosure which involved the consumers who endorsed the supplement - and who had received the supplement for free. In addition, they were paid for providing a video testimonial.

In Summary

If you have purchased this product we advise that you meet with your doctor to discuss. Diet Bites sides with the FTC and feel that Green Coffee Bean supplements are not only a hoax that delivers bogus promises - it may also be dangerous to your health.

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