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Food Can Make You Feel Good, Food Can Make You Feel Bad

How You Feel Depends Greatly Upon What You Eat

If you are simply wanting to feel better or reach a healthier state - then making modifications to your daily diet is your best tool for reaching these goals. If you're concerned about losing weight, keep in mind that your daily diet is the top influencing factor for controlling the numbers on your bathroom scales.

We can exercise until the moon turns into cheese - but the daily diet is THE key to losing weight and keeping it off forever. The reason why? Let's say that you eat 1/2 a cheesecake. You'd have to exercise all day in order to burn off the calories - and if you've consumed a cheesecake prepared with the fattiest of ingredients, even exercising might not be enough to deal with the excess calories your body can't use - and that will be stored in the body's fat cells.

Diet Bites encourages you to set aside three days. Reach for healthy, natural foods. Opt for cool, clean healthy water over carbonated beverages and those plied with caffeine. Follow the health tips and suggestions that we've listed below. At the end of the three days - monitor how you feel. At this point, you'll have to decide if you want to continue to make poor dietary choices - or if feeling your best offsets those former choices. The decision is yours, including how much you weigh.

Why Food Makes You Feel Bad

1. Snack or enjoy a meal late in the evening and you probably won't enjoy your overnight rest due to heartburn and belly ache. The side effects from lack of adequate rest will follow you into the next day. Next time, before you start snacking late into the evening - think. Is the snack worth feeling miserable over through the night and into the next day. If you'll simply ride out the temptation, you'll be rewarded greatly - by feeling better.

2. Guilt. When we overeat we often feel guilty because we know the consequences - yet at some point in our future, we'll probably repeat this mistake. Why? Because it's difficult to break habits and overindulgence in food is the worst habit to overcome; in our opinion it's far worse than getting hooked on drugs - including alcohol and tobacco. You can get away from those habits, but we have to eat to fuel the body for life. And overeating is indeed a habit. Overweight individuals get nailed and criticized for overeating - but try setting a bottle of beer or a mixed drink in front of a recovering alcoholic - at least three times a day. Better yet - tell them to take only a few swallows and stop. That's what the overweight individual has to overcome with food.

3. Food is energy and all foods are not created equal. Some are burned much differently in the body. They influence our blood sugar levels which in turn influences how we feel. Take sugar. To those with a healthy pancreas, a sugar-overload can make them feel bad. For those with a broken pancreas [diabetics], a sugar-overload can be life threatening.

What about fat? After all, sugar and fat are the two elements in our daily diet that contribute to the bulk of calories. When we consume foods that are high in fat, they require longer processing time within the body - as do foods with fiber, but the high fat content often leaves the body feeling tired. Excess calories from fatty foods are also stored much differently in the body than say....excess calories from a carrot or other healthy vegetable. Fatty excess is generally stored in the upper abdominal area, just below the breasts as well as in the form of visceral fat which forms around vital organs.

Why Food Makes You Feel Good

1. It provides energy - or fuel for the body. Without energy, the body cannot survive.

2. Food provides pleasure. If it didn't, we'd have to force-feed ourselves in order to survive - but most-likely, no one would become fat.

3. There is a lot of false claims about 'super foods' these days. While the blueberry may be healthier than a few other fruits - ALL fruits qualify as super foods. Fact is, 99% of all natural foods qualify as super foods. An example of an exception? Chicken fat.

Super foods can make our body feel super good. Let's look at a lunch menu - one containing super foods, the other with common favorites in the American daily diet. You can try eating both - at different times, of course. See how you feel afterwards - and for the hours that follow. Bet you'll lean heavily towards the super food diet plan.

Super Food Diet Meal

Common American Meal

1 cup of pinto beans
1 wedge of whole grain cornbread, teaspoon reduced fat margarine
1 cup of low fat milk
3 cups of spring salad mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, 1 teaspoon of shredded low fat cheese + low fat balsamic dressing
2 cups of fresh strawberries or melon

Total Calories: About 550 calories

1 cheeseburger with the works
large fry
large regular soda
3 chocolate chip cookies

Total Calories: About 2,100

4. Many foods can serve to heal the body, thus making it feel good. One example is Vitamin C. For those with mouth issues - foods that are powerful in Vitamin C can assist in healing the mouth. Other foods can be excellent for dealing with water retention: melon, beets and plain boiled eggs for starters.

By the way, if you're consuming a healthy daily diet - and unless your doctor has instructed you to take a multi-vitamin, you should be getting all the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires through your daily diet.

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