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Some Wart Removers May Be Flammable

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

FDA Warns of Potential Fire Hazards For Cryogenic Wart Removers

Cryogenic wart removers are sold over the counter for home-use and remove warts from the skin via freezing. Cryogenic wart removers are a combination of liquid dimethyl ether and propane - both highly flammable agents that should be used with caution.

Warts are growths on the skin which are caused by an HPV [human papilloma virus] infection.

Reported Injuries Related to Wart Remover Fires

Unfortunately, more than a dozen reports from consumers have surfaced where these products generated fire hazards, catching ablaze and harming consumers as well as items in their house.

The product dispenser may catch fire as it releases the mixture.

The reported injuries to consumers include singed hair, skin blistering, skin burns, reddening of the skin - and obviously pain associated with these injuries.

How to Property Use Cryogenic Wart Removers

They should never be used near heat sources such as fire, flames, cigarettes, cigars - near fireplaces, ovens or heaters in the home. Hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons also generate sufficient heat to start a fire where propane and dimethyl are entering the surrounding air. Candle flames could also create a fire hazard.

Keep in mind that these products are also pressurized and if the can is exposed to a significant amount of heat, it could explode creating even more damage to body and home.

To apply, the consumer presses the nozzle and the dispenser on the product releases the mixture of propane and liquid dimethyl at a -40 degree Celsius temperature onto an applicator. After it is saturated the consumer presses it onto the wart as directed on the product label directions.

Generally, it requires an average of three to four treatments before the wart is removed. For more aggressive warts - such as those on calloused skin or plantar warts, more treatment may be required in order to permanently remove the wart.

Other Methods for Wart Removal

Surgical pairing, laser or liquid nitrogen cryosurgical treatments may be used by a health care professional for removing warts. These methods must be performed under controlled conditions.

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