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Bread in a Bag Recipe
for Dieters

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A Lower Calorie Bread Recipe for Bread in a Bag

This is a great bread to make with the kids. Simply combine the dry ingredients in a large plastic bag and combine well.

How to Prepare This Recipe

Add oil and water and continue to work dough using the plastic bag as a barrier for about five minutes.

We do not remove the dough for kneading, so if you choose to do such be certain to use heavy-duty plastic bags. Add more flour if necessary to reach desired consistency.

Set in a warm place for about ten minutes before removing and shaping. Allow dough to double in size.

Dry Ingredients necessary for this lower calorie bread recipe:

3 Cups of White Flour - or mix 1/2 white & 1/2 wheat flour + extra flour for kneading purposes

1/4 Cup of Splenda OR you can use white granulated sugar which adds about 200 calories to the recipe

1 Package of Active Dry Yeast

1 Teaspoon of Table Salt

1/4 Cup of Powdered Milk

Wet Ingredients for Bread in a Bag recipe:

3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil OR Canola OR Peanut Oil

1 Cup of Warm Water

Bake in a preheated 350 oven until golden brown. Serve warm with Parkay no calorie butter spray, or enjoy cold.  

Wonderful Low Calorie Recipes for Toasting Breads

My oh my - carbohydrates have taken a beating throughout current dieting history and it's such a shame as the human body requires more servings from the Grain Group than from any other. And when it comes to carbohydrate grams, more can be found in this group than in any other.

I don't know about you but there are certain scenes that pop into my mind that I find very comforting - scenes that are related to food. One involves the 'Christmas Carol' movie where Scrooge snuggles up in front of the fireplace and enjoys a bowl of soup. In one version he was eating pea soup and that wasn't so appealing to me - but in the other versions I always imagined that he was enjoying a hearty bowl of potato soup.

Another vision that pops into my mind involves one of my favorite shows - The Rifleman. I've always loved westerns as they are among the more wholesome forms of entertainment; that is - they used to be.

Most of the romance books and stories that I have written over the years are westerns; I've posted these writing free to read online at Ebook Nook and Trinity Moon - should you be in a reading mood.

Nonetheless, there is one episode in Season 5 where Chuck Conners is worried about his son Mark who is late getting home from town. He brings a loaf of bread to the table and just the sight of that bread set in the days of the old west is a comforting sight. Another is of Carolyn Ingles as she pulled bread from her ancient but lovely oven - as well as the episode where she has pies set outside.

Another of my favorite shows is Andy Griffith; the pickle episode always leaves me craving pickles.

And if you have ever been to the movies, just the scent of popping corn can get your appetite up and running.

All of these visuals as well as the scents of foods create moods that I find very inviting, very promising as meal time approaches.

And all the examples that I mentioned above excepting the pickles involve foods that are high in carbohydrates. On that note - bring on the carbs! Particularly the toast.

Recipes for Toast

There is nothing like a simple breakfast of toast and coffee to set the mood for the day. It's a light feast that can be followed up with a healthy piece of fruit at mid-morning and by the time that lunch arrives, the metabolic rate is in gear to start processing the upcoming meal plate.

When traveling, toast also makes a nice treat as it's not too heavy and can satisfy the appetite. And it has so many different ways that it can be prepared, each with their own unique flavors. Let's view a few, shall we?

On the Stove Top

Spread a teaspoon of margarine onto your favorite whole grain bread and place on a warm but not hot pan or skillet. Resist the temptation to pick up and check the bread.

About a minute or so into the cooking time, turn off the heat source and allow the bread to rest. The result will be an ultra crisp piece of toast. Enjoy with a scrambled egg and a serving of fresh fruit.

In the Oven

After spreading your bread with margarine, set it under the broiler - either in a large oven or in your toaster oven. When prepared in this manner, it will have an entirely different flavor than the pan-cooked version.

Cinnamon Toast

This can be prepared using pan or oven made toast. Simply add ground cinnamon and a spoon of white granulated sugar or light brown sugar to the bread before toasting. Do use a watchful eye as the sugar burns quite easily.

Cheese Toast

Simply add a slice of your favorite low calorie cheese to the bread after it has been spread with margarine and cook under the broiler or bake in the oven until the cheese has melted. The faster, easier melting varieties include: mozzarella, gruyere and Havarti.

About the Spreads & the Breads

The type of fat that you use as a spread for your bread will not only impact caloric values, but flavor as well. Butter adds a very crisp bite to the bread - but it's also a wee bit too excessive in calories to add to weight loss plans.

Margarine is a good choice as it adds a crispy texture to breads without adding a significant amount of calories.

The reduced fat varieties are excellent choices for dieters but do not work well for toasting purposes as they have difficultly in crisping the bread.

As to the bread choices - mix things up. White is delicious but how about pumpernickel or rye? Potato or multi-grain?


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