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Is Glutting Worth the Tradeoff?

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Definition of Glutting

It's fun to eat and enjoy food. It's part of being alive - and living life to the fullest. However, 'fullest' isn't always best, particularly when our gut is overstuffed which leads to overstuffed clothes.

Glutting is slang for overeating - for consuming food in excess. And unfortunately, there are many consequences connected to glutting, none of which are positive.

For starters, the human body is a source of heat - and when we add extra insulation [weight gain], it's much like putting on a jacket in the summertime. Or, putting a jacket on a hot water heater.

Who wants that in the middle of summer? We have enough to deal with given mosquitoes and horse flies, right?

Tradeoffs of Glutting & Overeating

Digestive Woes & Excess Body Fat

You know the spill - the cramping gut, the nagging heartburn, and that evil hip bloat.

Body Aches Due to Weight Gain

When the skeletal system is overloaded, the body responds with backache, knee aches, leg aches and hip aches. None of which, are happy moments.

Internal Organ Issues Related to Weight Gain

At some point during weight gain the vital organs are smothered due to fat overload.

For example, what happens when you compress a water hose? The water doesn't flow as easily, does it? The same applies to our vital organs. When compressed, they can't perform at their best. And some may even shut down.

As to our little pea brain - it will often be shrouded in mental fog due to obesity issues.

Wardrobe Malfunctions & Obesity

As the body expands from weight gain, clothing becomes tighter and at some point, miserable to wear. In turn, it costs money to purchase larger clothing.

Appearance & Emotional Issues Common With Weight Gain

That 6-pack of hot-dog buns on the back of the neck, as well as unsightly Muffin Top isn't something that we'll be proud of at the next show and tell.

And when we think we don't look good - that impacts our self-confidence.

Weight Gain & Climate Issues

Excess body fat generates more heat. The overweight individual will be much hotter than the thinner individual when outdoor temperatures soar.

Sweating, damp clothing due to sweating, a wet brow, damp areas in the armpits and under-belly - just flat miserable.

This alone is reason enough to get the excess body fat off as soon as possible.

In Summary

The positive news is that although we gained weight, we can also lose weight. While losing excess body fat can be frustrating, and at times uncomfortable - it's not the losing that's most challenging. It's after the diet - not regaining that which was lost.

If you're currently overweight - it's time to get busy. Get healthier. Your body will thank you for it because it's going to feel so much better after it has been released from its tower of fat.

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