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Eat More of These Foods
for a Healthy Body

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Want to feel and look your best?

While feasting on cookies, cakes, fried foods and greasy chips can provide great enjoyment and at times, add pleasure to our relaxation times - they can also make a body feel sluggish.

Unfortunately these delicious, decadent foods are not only packed with a plethora of calories - they are also packed with high levels of fat content which contributes to unwanted weight gain and making the body feel sluggish.

On top of this - they often contain high levels of sodium which serves to retain water in the body, contributing to what Diet Bites calls evil hip bloat.

So while we may enjoy these foods during the day, when watching a movie, while working at our desks, when out painting the town pink or when surfing the net - our poor bodies pay for our neglect in the days ahead.

Even if we don't put on extra pounds - the body simply doesn't feel its best.

And when we choose to eat high fat, high sugar-based foods, they often take the place of other healthy foods which the body craves for optimum health.

When we add hunks of cake or piles of cookies to our belly instead of fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins & dairy selections, it's like adding lantern fuel to a car.

Sure - the car will run, but it will also jerk and sputter and often die - before being restarted.

Let's see which foods our body needs for us to eat in order for us to feel and look our best.

What Foods to Eat More of for a Healthy Body: Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Low Fat Milk & Other Dairy Products

Healthy Low Calorie, Vitamin-Packed Vegetables

When you think about vegetables, think about colors - and there are so many!

We often hear about green, yellow and orange, but let's not forget about the buttery brown vegetables, the red vegetables, the black vegetables, the white vegetables, the purple vegetables - and yes, even the taupe colored vegetables.

For a vitamin A boost - try carrots. For a boost in iron, grab a wad of spinach.

Healthy Low Calorie, Vitamin-Packed Fruits

Fruits are also very minimal in calories and contain lots of vitamins and minerals that the body craves.

For a potassium boost - try bananas. For a vitamin C boost - try grapefruit or lemons or limes.

Healthy Grains - Go Carbs!

Whole grains should be chosen over the simple, more-processed grains. They are referred to in the health world as 'complex grains'.

Healthy Low Fat, Lower Calorie, Vitamin-Packed Dairy Foods

From milk to cheese, dairy aims to please - a healthy body, free from disease.

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