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Good Carbs or Bad?'s a 'Complex' situation...

When it comes to grains we get into a sticky area: Carbohydrates...which in the building block of 'Carb' Diets. Unfortunately, restricted carb diets aren't built with 'nutritional building blocks.

Carb diets aside, the key to optimum choices where carbohydrates are involved is making the healthiest choices. Now it doesn't take a genius to look at a fat piece of pecan pie and a slice of whole grain bread to know that one is not only lower in calories than the other, but it's also more nutritious.

As a side note, Diet Bites does not recommend never having another piece of pecan pie, hot white bread from mother's oven, or a bait of French toast drowned in maple syrup. Every now and then it's okay to live a little.

But....when you do 'live a little' we'd like you to note how you feel the following day. Did you regret your feasting moments? Did you pick up unwanted pounds - and by the way, those may not show up on the bath scales for a couple of days or more. Do you feel sluggish? Bloated? What about your mood? Sugary things indeed impact our mood states.

On that note, let's take a look at the healthier carbohydrate list and the unhealthier carbohydrate food selections.

Simple vs Complex Carbohydrates

Examples of Simple Carbohydrates - These foods make inferior choices when compared to the complex carbs - but can still be enjoyed in moderation.

Cakes, pies, cookies [I know...], doughnuts, pastries such as Cheese Danish and cinnamon rolls, white bread-based foods such as muffins, English muffins, white bread, sweet breads such as banana nut bread, pasta, noodles and bagels.

Examples of Complex Carbohydrates

Whole grains such as wild rice, brown rice, whole oats, and breads containing whole grains.

Best Energy Carb-Based Foods

Grab a handful of unsalted seeds or nuts for an energy boost. You'll also get a protein boost.

Look for breads containing seeds - such as pumpkin seed, sunflower - or flax for a healthier carb-boost.

Opt for brown or wild rice over white rice for a more nutritious choice.

There is one Diet Bites rule when it involves carbohydrates being simple or complex: "If the carb is white, then take flight." Enjoy in moderation.

Food Pyramid vs Low Carb Diet, Low Carb Dieting OR Official Food Pyramid Dieting?

Because carb dieting tends to produce quick weight loss results it is favored by many dieters seeking weight loss. After all, they want the weight gone and the sooner the better.

However, that initial blast of weight loss is generally water weight that has been lost rather than fat loss. As soon as the carb diet is abandoned, the lost weight is swiftly regained in the majority of former carb dieters.

And in the end, our weight isn't based on the number of carbs we eat, rather the number of calories which are balanced by the expenditure of energy - whether from activity, our body's processing system or basic caloric requirements.

A daily diet based on the Official Food Pyramid is more likely to establish healthy eating habits for a lifetime while embracing all of the healthy foods housed beneath its colorful umbrella.

Low Carb Dieting

Some things to consider before going on a carb restricted diet include:


- Carb diets generally embrace eggs which are high in cholesterol content and may impact heart, circulatory health and blood pressure which might not be ideal for individuals with cholesterol health issues.


- Carb diets generally restrict or eliminate Food Groups.


- Carb restricted diets should be first discussed with a professional health care giver as the lack of certain carbohydrates in the daily diet may negatively impact the dieter's health, at times creating long-term or permanent health issues - including death.


- Keep in mind that the healthiest daily diet is built around the Official Food Pyramid and embraces all the healthy foods housed therein.

Spinning Around the Glycemic Index

The glycemic index of a food is effected by the following:

- the ripeness of a food

- the fiber content of the food

- the fat content of the food

- manner in which food is prepared

- the day to day state of the body

- food combining

- the amount of food eaten

Special Notes:

Ripeness of Food - The riper the fruit, the higher the glycemic index of the food.

Fat, Fiber & the Glycemic Index - When fiber and fat are entered into the composition of the food, both tend to slow absorption and effect the body differently than foods lacking fat and fiber.

Food Combining - When foods are combined, such as milk to cereal, the glycemic index will be much different than if the foods were consumed individually.

Low Carb Diets & Unrefined Carbs

Carb Choices in the Daily Diet - Isn't it fun having the power of making choices? Whenever we are placed into a position where we must sit on the sidelines and go along with the program, it tends to be a big drag. Particularly when we don't like the show.

It's a good thing that a low carb diet can be filled with so many choices. Many times, diets focus on 'you can't have this' and 'you can't have that' and oh by the way, 'don't even look at that'.

By focusing on the foods that we can have shifts a negative diet into positive high-gear, doesn't it? We can almost feel the wind running swiftly over our faces as we speed down the Diet Indy, focusing to stay on track with our diet.

The low carb diet offers so many healthy choices that may put your daily diet on the fast-track to better health. A low carb diet generally embraces the dietary practice of choosing unrefined forms of carbohydrates over processed forms.

Unrefined forms of carbohydrates include beans, dried peas, whole grain foods fresh fruits - all nutritious choices for the daily diet containing precious minerals, vitamins and fiber that the body requires for smooth functioning.

Defining Refining - Diet X-Nay on These Pesky Carbs

Be certain to brake (not break) for refined foods that you meet as you speed along the super-sonic strip of road to Diet Success and smoothly maneuver around them. Don't spin on donuts, or go dandy for candy because these processed blunders contain empty calories which will only blow up your car and cause a crash, providing zero nutrients to the body. Big on Calories - Little on Nutrition. These sucrose filled stumbling blocks have crashed more than one able-body dieter along the road to Diet Success.

In Summary: A low carb diet encourages fueling up your Diet Tank with unrefined forms of carbs. And of course, if you are considering a diet low in carbs, you'll want to meet with your physician before doing such to ensure your good health.


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