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Dear Dairy Diary

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A Dairy Diary to Keep on Track With Health, Weight Loss & Nutrition

Dear Dairy Diary, thank you for a healthier, more-feel-good body. I love the lift in my energy levels, and oh yes - the reduced numbers on my bathroom scales.....

Why People Avoid Dairy Foods

Dairy foods have generally gotten a bad wrap, and we're not referring to the little red wax that gets wrapped around some varieties of cheese.

Fact is - many dieters tend to avoid dairy foods in order to avoid weight gain.

For calcium needs they may turn to other products which are infused with calcium benefits. But just think about what they're missing - looking ultra cute in that attractive white mustache, for one!

On the other hand, many vegetarians turn to cheese as meat replacements. Unfortunately, not all vegetarians are thin and not all vegetarians are healthy, either.

While being a veggie-head is a healthier lifestyle, it requires great dedication and fine-tuning. I've known many a vegetarian which ended up with the shakes & trembles, whose beautiful manes have thinned to an Uncle Fester state, and who have ended up in the emergency room.

The human body requires certain nutritional elements and when they aren't met, the body throws a hissy fit to let us know that it's in grave danger.

And then we have a little thing called 'lactose intolerance which isn't such a little thing if you're one of the unfortunate individuals who suffer from such.

Dairy Foods & Products High in Calories

The reason why many dieters avoid  dairy foods is because they tend to be high in calories.

Let's look at a few examples and see how we can trim the calories and enjoy these foods - making for a healthier YOU! Oh my....I sure do like this fancy, healthy list of substitutes and we hope that you do too!

Substituting Leaner Dairy Products for Those Containing Beastly Calories

Instead of this dairy food.... Substitute this dairy food....
Full blown cheese Thin sliced cheese will help you 'cut the cheese' calories.
Full blown cottage cheese Enjoy 1/4 less OR grab the reduced fat variety.
Whole Milk Switch to 2%, then 1%; you may even be able to go skim with time.
Whole Yogurt Opt for varieties that contain fruit to make-for a healthier bite.
Ice Cream Sherbet makes a lovely substitution with about 1/3 fewer calories.
Puddings Try the sugar free varieties.
Sour Cream Use less OR opt for reduced fat.
Butter, Margarine Not a Food Group, but generally considered in the Dairy Group. Experiment with mashed avocado when applicable with foods, or opt for a reduced fat spread.


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