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Dramatic Weight Loss

How fast can you lose weight? How long does it take to gain a pound? What is the average time required to lose a pound?

How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

Dependent Upon Weight Loss Factors

Gene Pool Key to Rapid Weight Loss vs Sluggish Rate

This is the reason why some individuals can eat, and eat - and eat and not gain an ounce. Your gene pool also plays a role in your rate of weight loss. They are the reason why some people experience dramatic weight loss and why others virtually remain in lock-down mode for weeks on end without losing a significant amount of excess body fat.

Activity Level Influences Fat Loss

If you pair your weight loss plan with a REASONABLE activity plan, you can expect to see impressive - and yes, often dramatic weight loss results. Keep in mind that every move the body makes requires energy - even blinking our eyes, breathing or turning our heads.

If we sit at our computers exercising our fingers and eyes OR on the sofa or if we embrace other sedentary activities, we'll burn far fewer calories than when we walk, run, play sports, hike or bike. Activities that also burn the fewest calories include standing, sleeping, sitting, washing dishes, making the bed, playing piano or other instrument, and kissing. Activities which burn the most calories are high-impact aerobic activities - those which increase the heart rate.

However, if we go overboard - taking our bodies to brutal level via activity, we're apt to do more damage than good to our health. This is often a common mistake for individuals starting a weight loss plan. They want to experience dramatic weight loss - so they embrace a plethora of activity right out of the gate. The body experiences the painful repercussions of their efforts - muscle aches, join pain and an overall feeling of misery. It can be far more taxing and uncomfortable on the body than 'body bloat'. In addition, too much exercise is not only unhealthy, it is often the reason why many dieters quit their new diet plan. A brutal exercise plan combined with a strict daily diet plan equals epic failure.

While exercise burns calories - our body cannot possibly burn a huge overage of calories. For example, if we go wild with food and drink - our bodies are capable of consuming vast quantities of calories, several thousand if we so desire. On the other hand our body is incapable of burning off all of those 'excess' calories in the same amount of time. 'Excess' calories refers to the amount of energy values consumed in excess of what the body requires.

What 10,000 Calories Looks Like

One cheesecake OR one pecan pie OR one mincemeat pie OR one decadent chocolate cake OR 15 supreme enchiladas OR 7 double-meat, double-cheese burgers OR 20 cups of regular eggnog. The exact recipe and its ingredients will greatly influence caloric values.

Age & Weight Loss Factor: Slow vs Fast Weight Loss

The older we get, the slower our metabolic rate - and this applies to ALL individuals, even 'health nuts'. We have special creams to deal with wrinkles and medications to ward-off pain associated with old age. We have modern techniques that can be used to make us look younger on the exterior, but the interior of our bodies tell the real story.

We can control our health to a degree by embracing a healthy diet and a healthy level of activity while keeping our stress levels under wraps - but the gene pool is the chief navigator of the body's health and the chief longevity factor. It's the main reason why some individuals can smoke heavily and eat heavily all their lives and live to a ripe old age without experiencing significant health issues. It's why some individuals can be morbidly obese and live to 100 years of age.

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