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Daylight Savings Time
Related to Weight Gain

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Daylight Savings Time: Setting the clocks one hour ahead of standard in order to achieve more daylight in evening hours.

Daylight Savings Time Disrupts Biological Clock, Increases Risk of Weight Gain

Here we go again - upsetting our Biological Clock and increasing our risk for weight gain, compliments of Daylight Savings Time - which is right around the corner.

Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands - you've made a very wise choice not to be included in the ruckus that is responsible for a number of ills that those of us experience in the other states and territories of America during our adjustment period to Daylight Savings Time.

Those ills include:

- Incidents of school children being injured on the way to school, including being hit by vehicles due to time of sunrise. Folks, it's really dark out there; it's really 7 a.m. - not 8 a.m.

- Biological clocks are disturbed, so actions that we normally have placed into a pattern - such as our sleep cycles, are disrupted.

Numerous health studies have shown that a sleepy individual is as dangerous on the road or in operating machinery as a drunk person.

- Weight Gain. It's another established pattern that is abruptly disrupted when the clocks change - whether we fall back an hour in the fall, or spring forward an hour in the spring.

- Studies also indicate that America doesn't save a fortune in energy by utilizing Daylight Savings Time.

However, most studies contradict this and actually indicate that it increases costs to consumers. Keep in mind, it's much darker in the mornings in the spring when that clock jumps forward an hour.

- We've also been fed that the extra daylight in the evenings assists the farmers and the fact is - most farmers oppose Daylight Savings Time.

- But something that we can agree on is that a lot of us sure do get sick during Daylight Savings Time.

That's what happens when we don't get adequate sleep and our immunity level decreases. It's also associated with triggering heart attacks.

Weight Gain & Daylight Savings Time

Changing the clock is worse in the fall than in the spring. During Daylights Saving Time in spring we get to eat an hour earlier than our normal eating pattern allows.

But in the fall when the clock goes back to standard time, that extra hour that we have to wait is most difficult. Our bellies are so hungry - appetite is a nagging old thing.

So we succumb before the hour is up - and then the rest of our day is shot in regards to our diet. We generally end up eating until bedtime.

This fall, check your eating habits. If you're like most people you'll gain rather than lose weight.

In addition, the body's natural 'instinct' is calling for the body to increase food intake during the late summer and fall months in order to prepare for the longer winter ahead.

Trouble is - we're not living in the cave days anymore when food was scarce or unable to be preserved. So we're hit with a double-whammy.

Daylight Savings Time Disrupts Sleeping Patterns, In Turn Impacts Immunity & Health

In some areas of the United States, when Daylight Savings Time is in place, it doesn't get dark until about ten p.m. That's the time that many people get in bed and prepare for the next day.

But what genius can properly go to sleep when it's still light outside? We have to deal with that often enough - when the moon is full.

Almost no one gets a good forty winks on full-moon nights - so this is like a werewolf-summer-moon-fest thing ALL summer.

In addition, with the sun still very high in the sky, the energy costs increase.

So unless we ramp-up the thermostat, we'll be sleeping in a hot-box, right when it's time to go to beddy bye. West sunshine blazing through the windows is much hotter than the morning sun of the east.

No Wonder Many Americans Suffer Health Issues

I'm so over Daylight Savings Time - which has made most of my adult life a living nightmare.

Time to get real - time to toss that genius idea back into the trash can it rode in on.

Simply put, it's impacting our good health, placing school kids at risk and it's a stupid idea to begin with.


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