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Unique and safe dieting tips that work to help you lose the weight and keep it off permanently.

We have dieting tips that yes - REALLY work. Before you know it, those fluffy hips and pesky muffin top will be lost in the Diet Dust....

1. Start Your Diet Using a Bathroom Scales & a Calendar

The Calendar & How it Assists With Permanent Weight Loss

Pick up an expensive calendar at your local dollar-type store. For every day that you stick to your diet plan - mark it off with an X. Your goal is to fill in the calendar for the month - making a 'perfect' score.

On those days that you falter, take time to figure out the cause. Example: Did you overeat because you were tempted?

Mark the calendar with an X if you stayed true to your established daily caloric intake. If you didn't get to exercise OR exercise as much as you'd planned - that's okay - so give yourself an 'X'.


Because the top factor which controls the amount that you weigh is your daily diet - the foods that you eat and drink.

As to exercise, the bulk of calories expended [used] by the body doesn't happen through activity.

The body requires the bulk of calories[energy] that you consume daily in order to simply survive.

The energy is used for breathing - and to support respiratory health; it's used in keeping your heartbeat at a healthy rhythm - and calories are also necessary to support the digestive system.

It's odd isn't it? We need to consume food so that our digestive system can use the energy to operate efficiently! Energy intake triggers energy output.

The Bathroom Scales & How it Assists With Permanent Weight Loss

For many individuals 'what they don't know won't hurt them', but where body weight is involved 'what they don't know can escalate into massive weight gain OR assist in weight control'.

We recommend weighing once a day - in the morning before you eat breakfast. Keep in mind that it's normal to have a 1-3 pound variance in body weight, so don't panic when the numbers increase.

The increase in pounds is most likely a result of consuming extra-salty foods the prior day because they can cause water retention issues in the body - but, if the increase in pounds doesn't decrease after two days, you are more likely experiencing weight gain.

Weighing daily assists in keeping YOU in control of your weight.

Whenever you see an increase, you can take immediate action. Trim back on the daily calories - add more salad [healthy greens, tomato, cucumber, celery] to your day. The green vegetables are very minimal in calories.

But what about the avocado? It's green - but is it lean?'s not a vegetable, rather a fruit and although high in calories due to the fat content, the fat is derived from healthy fat sources.

Adding avocado to your daily diet may also assist in trimming unhealthy fats from your daily diet in addition to sugar. It's also a healthy food for skin health.

And it may even work positively with your thyroid to improve your metabolic rate.

And on those days when you're weighing a bit heavier, think about substituting a meal with a serving of cereal OR a bowl of soup and a serving of saltine crackers OR a serving of fish and a healthy salad.

2. Avoid Food-Scented Candles & Other Scents Which Trigger Your Appetite

Movie popcorn, tasty lip glosses, deliciously-scented candles and bath items - all can trigger a desire to eat, particularly when you're hungry or feeling in a 'snacky' mood.

They are best to use AFTER you've enjoyed your healthy meal.

3. Add 10-30 Minutes of Daily Activity Accompanied With a Reward

One doesn't need to exercise until they fall over with their tongue hanging out.

Over-activity can put areas of the body in jeopardy. We personally know several avid people who walk daily [5 miles each day] and they required knee replacements.

Many weight lifters end up having to have knee replacement.

Think about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It's something that most of us are familiar with - as it's associated with repetitive use of the wrists while typing.

The same applies to any over-used area of the body. For example, golfers often experience issues with their rotator cuffs due to repetitive movements.

Our veterinarian performs numerous surgeries. Due to the repetitive movements required during certain surgeries, he experienced rotator cuff issues and required surgery.

So when you think about 'exercise', start out taking small steps and stick with something that you ENJOY doing - and an activity that you'll continue throughout your lifetime. For me, walking suits me best.

4. Prepare Low Calorie Soups for Quick Grabs OR Fresh Fruit & Veggies

When you're starving you're more likely to grab something high in calories. And sure - once people diet, they tend to remove all the goodies from the kitchen and replace it with fresh fruit.

But because more than 95% of diets fail over time, you know what happens!

Those goodies quickly return to the kitchen. If you have something prepared and it's healthy and low in calories, you can enjoy a hearty meal without worrying about weight gain.

A small wedge of cornbread and a serving of soup can be a mean fit for a king.

5. Opt for Natural Sweeteners

While sugar substitutes save calories in the beverage OR recipe that is being used - we are learning that they also negatively impact our glucose levels.

The body appears to adjust to the sugar substitutes and in doing such, has difficult processing/recognizing the real stuff.

In addition, in my personal experience the sugar substitutes were starting to take their toll on my endocrine system. I experienced fat-storage issues.

In addition, my resistance to certain substances - like my pets - waned, thus creating significant allergic reactions [hives, rash, welting and the need for immediate treatment due to breathing issues].

Keep in mind that sugar contains less than 20 calories per teaspoon. Learning to live with your foods being a bit less sweet may save you massive expense on health issues.

6. Ditch Those Simple Carbohydrates, Adding More Fruits & Vegetables To Your Daily Diet Menus

Know why restricted carbohydrate diets work so quickly? Because carbohydrates act like a sponge in the body, retaining liquids which weigh heavily.

Simple carbs [cakes, pies, pastries, donuts, salty chips and crackers, cookies] are the worst offenders.

Instead of the simple carbs - reach for the healthier choices known as 'complex carbohydrates'. Example: oatmeal and other whole grains.

7. Monitor The Types of Beverages In Your Day

Beverages can add hundreds of calories to your diet. Your best choices include water and 100% juices.

8. Sit Down & Enjoy Meal Times & Snacks & Don't Skip Meals

Keep in mind that breakfast quick-starts your metabolism, so don't skip. And taking time to sit down at the table fortifies healthier habits than 'gomming' down your food in front of the television or computer - or on the go.

In order for your body to be totally satisfied with what you're inputting, it needs to be able to ENJOY each mouthful.

If you're mind is occupied elsewhere, you're probably not enjoying what you're eating - and you may not even realize that you ate it until after it's gone and you reach for nothingness.

9. Get Adequate Rest To Balance Activity Time

Add a hobby to your life - something that you'll look forward to doing while relaxing. And while exercise is vital to good health, keep in mind that relaxing is equally vital.

10. Eliminate Unnecessary Stress Which Can Trigger Appetite

If you're craving an upper layer of fat in your abdominal cavity - then bring on the stress! Both negative and positive stress are responsible for more weight gain than the sea has shells. They create the environment that triggers eating.

Examples: Parties and weddings are generally a positive mode of stress. We tend to overeat at these events because we're carefree and happy.

If we flip the scene and experience a negative event, we may bury our troubles at the bottom of a 1/2 gallon carton of Rocky Road ice cream.

Of course, these days a 1/2 gallon is no longer a 1/2 gallon....

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