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Antibiotic Levaquin, Potentially Dangerous Side Effects

Potential Side Effects of Levaquin

Allergic Reaction

Allergic Reaction side effects of Levaquin: rash, swelling of face and hands, respiratory distress and potential death.

If the patient is also allergic to other drugs which are used in treatment for bacterial infections, they are likely to also be allergic to Levaquin and should discuss their personal situation with their doctor before using.

Allergic reactions can occur very quickly - within 15 minutes of taking a drug, or the reaction may require days before appearing.

Levaquin is in the same class of antibiotics as Ciprofloxacin and Avelox.

Gastrointestinal Reactions

Includes vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea which ranges from mild to severe to fatal colitis.

Sleep Disruption & Headache

Clinical studies indicated that about 4% of individuals taking Levaquin experienced insomnia with 6% experiencing headache.

Muscle Tearing, Rupture of Achilles' Tendon

Swelling - including possible tearing and rupturing of the Achilles' tendon, particularly in older individuals, transplant patients and for individuals on certain medications. The risk of this side effect of Levaquin can occur six months after treatment ends.

Miscellaneous & Very Serious Side Effect Associated With Levaquin

- irreversible peripheral neuropathy
- nerve damage
- hepatotoxicity
- blood glucose disturbances
- photosensitivity
- central nervous system disturbances, including seizures and psychiatric issues
- anaphylaxis
- persistent pain - at times a burning pain
- numbness, tingling or extreme sensitivity to touch
- impaired sensation, including muscle weakness
- impaired movement, including loss of coordination
- changes in hair, skin and nails
- sharp, jabbing or electric-like pain
- numbness in extremities OR paralysis
- intolerance to heat
- bowel issues
- bladder issues
- dizziness or lightheadedness

What is Levaquin?

An antibiotic used for treating infection.

Levaquin is also known as the name 'Levofloxacin'. It is generally prescribed by doctors for fighting bacterial infections in the body and has been widely used in the United States. It may be used for both internal and external treatment including infections related to the skin, urinary tract [including kidneys, bladder, cystitis, UTI's], pneumonia, acute bronchitis, diverticulitis, and bacterial issues related to the sinus cavity.

In Summary

There are lawsuits accumulating over peripheral nerve damage due to Levaquin. If you are currently taking this medication, we advise that you meet with your doctor to discuss the risks of side-effects, some of which are permanent.

If you have experienced any of the above side-effects associated with this prescription drug, meet with your doctor to discuss personal treatment.

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