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Halloween Weight Gain
The Sooner Lost the Easier to Lose

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Weight Gain Requires Time to Register on the Body

Did you get a little lost in the Halloween magic last evening? Go a little ape when gobbling down those delicious sweet treats - while in the company of your favorite goblin [or goblinette]?

While we have fun - lost in the moment of the holidays, we often tell our inner self, 'We'll not worry about what we eat because it's a holiday. We'll just have fun for now - let loose and eat all that we want.

We'll deal with any extra pounds we gain from our folly on the morrow." Unfortunately, lots of people procrastinate losing those extra pounds forever, and they quickly build over time.

The immediate effect of weight gain isn't visible by the human eye. A pound added to the body requires a bit of time to register.

It may not be visible on the weight scales until 2-3 days - and if it's only a pound or two, unless you're a shorty, it likely will go unnoticed by other people.

However, as those pounds build - the body fluffs-out to a state of bloat and will likely be noticed by all. Those closest to us may side-step the truth when we inquire, "Do I look fat?" And usually, if we think we look fat.....we probably are.

Weight Gain - The Sooner Lost, the Easter it is to Lose

Plan of Attack Should be Immediate

You know if you've overate. You don't need an abacus to tally-up those calories. Your conscience is a very good guide.

And the sooner that you charge forward with your plan of attack, the easier it will be to get rid of those extra pounds.

Adhered Body Weight More Difficult to Lose

The longer that those excess pounds remain adhered to the body, the more difficult they will be to lose. They tend to pack down - to settle onto the body.

If you've been a certain body weight for a considerable amount of time - and are overweight, when you go onto a diet you may notice that the bathroom scales seem almost-frozen in time.

It may take four, five, six days - or even a good long week before those numbers quiver and start to decrease.

Where 'new pounds' are involved, if you start working to remove them the day after the event - they may not even register on the scales. Keep in mind - that it requires a bit of time for the body to register weight gain.

Therefore, if you diet the day following the event - the weight loss can balance the weight gain.

Diet Bites 'After Halloween Diet Plan'

This is a 1,500 calorie plan that can be used the day following the overeating event. If you are a small, petite lady, you may need to reduce calories in order to see a benefit.

Never go below 1,300 calories without doctor's approval and guidance. This is a one-day plan. Be sure to add adequate water to your day.

Sugar-free beverages are a 'free' item, so if you currently drink these, feel free to enjoy them.

The keys to planning any diet menu is to include at least the minimum daily recommended servings from all five official food groups housed within the American Food Pyramid - or from your country's eating guide.

Those Food Groups are: Protein, Grain, Fruit, Vegetable, Dairy. Minimal fat is also necessary for a healthy body. Next, set a particular calorie goal so that you won't exceed daily calories.

Breakfast Menu, 350 Calories

1 egg, scrambled + 1 piece of toast + 1 serving of 60-calorie margarine + 1 cup of reduced-fat milk + 1 cup of fresh strawberries OR melon + coffee or tea

Lunch Menu, 450 Calories

Sandwich: 2 slices of rye, pumpernickel, white or wheat bread at 50-60 calories per slice + 3 ounces of lean deli meat + 1 slice of reduced-fat cheese + lettuce leaves + slices of ripe tomato + mustard.

1 cup of soup at about 100 calories
1 serving of whole grain crackers
1 cup of your favorite fruit

Dinner Menu, 450 Calories

Large Salad: 3 cups of chopped lettuce or Spring mix, handful of cherry tomatoes, 1 Tablespoon of shredded low fat cheese, slices of cucumber, shredded carrot if you wish, 3 ounces of lean chicken cut into bite-sized bits - or 1 serving of drained black beans or chickpeas, 3 black or green olives if desired, 1 teaspoon of dried fruit such as dried cranberries, 1 teaspoon of chopped English walnuts or pecans or almonds, a serving of croutons.

Serve with balsamic dressing which contains a tiny 5 calories per serving.

Add one serving of crusty bread which contains about 100 calories.

Also enjoy a serving of fruit of your choice.

Snacks, 250 Calories

Enjoy up to 250 calories of your favorite food.


Try to walk 10-15 minutes. Walking is less taxing on the body than other activities - and is something that most of us can do. If you can't walk, try to enjoy some type of activity that your doctor has approved for you.

Keep in mind that while moving around assists in burning calories, your daily diet is most influential on body weight. For example, a 150 pound person will have to walk 45 minutes in order to burn-off one 200-calorie cupcake.


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