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Grains That Fight Weight Gain

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How Do Healthy Grains Fight Weight Gain?

Dietary Fiber

Your daily healthy dose of fiber not only keeps the body feeling full for longer periods of time, it also assists in sweeping harmful toxins from the body while combating constipation.

Both constipation and raging appetite are common side-effects of dieting. Consuming whole grains can assist greatly with these issues.

Higher Level of Endurance Due to 'Energy' Impact

Grains are considered carbohydrates and yes - some are less healthy than others. And truth be told, some cause more harm than good to the human body.

Keep in mind: 'Whole Grains vs Refined Grains' - taking care to avoid highly refined foods.

Examples include foods which contain grains - even whole grains, but which also contain added sugars and fats: pies with crusts such as apple pie and chicken pot pie, stuffing or if you're from the South- dressing, and donuts.

Also keep in mind that carbohydrates supply energy to the body and the healthier the grain, the more powerful the boost of energy.

Dieting Tips for Whole Grains

As with all grains, be sure to measure your portion size until you obtain a good idea of a proper serving size. It's very easy to consume double-portions, particularly with ready-to-eat cereals.

Healthy Grain List for Dieters

brown rice
bulgur (cracked wheat)
whole wheat bread
whole wheat crackers
whole wheat pasta
whole wheat sandwich buns and rolls
rolled oats
whole grain barley
whole grain cornmeal
whole rye
whole wheat tortillas
wild rice

Refined Grain List

Our list contains foods and products which are made from refined grains but some of the foods on this list are also prepared from whole grains. This is why it's important to check nutrition labels for the ingredient list.

Look for the words 'whole grain' or 'whole wheat' which will indicate they are prepared from whole grains.

Note that there will be some foods which are a mix of refined and whole grains. They are still considered a healthy choice but the premier healthy choice will be food prepared from the whole grain family.

At times you may see the ingredient 'added bran' or 'oat bran' but the product which contains these sources are not necessarily considered whole grain products.

But the bran does add a health benefit by providing a bit of dietary fiber to the product.

corn bread
corn tortillas
flour tortillas
white bread
white sandwich buns & rolls
white rice

Healthy Grains for Your Morning Breakfast Or Snack Time

This grain list is comprised of 'ready-to-eat' cereals:

- Corn Flakes
- Muesli
- Whole Wheat Flakes

Another advantage to over the counter, ready-to-eat cereals is that most contain added vitamins.

This can be an important element to the dieter who often doesn't consume an adequate amount in their daily diet because food portions are often greatly reduced to promote weight loss.

And when served with milk, we get another boost, compliments of bone-building Vitamin D.

Pasta Family of Grains

- Spaghetti
- Macaroni

Look for products which say 'whole grain' or for those which are 'wheat based' for optimum health values. The 'white-flour-based' varieties of these products are also considered as healthy choices.


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