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Allergies, Sore Red Tongue,
Mouth Blisters, Sticky Eyes, Itchy Throat

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Allergy Symptoms: Red Tongue, Sore Mouth, Blisters in Mouth & Tongue Area, Tiredness, Itchy Throat & Sticky-Watery Eyes

If you're experiencing a red tongue with blisters, sore & scratchy OR itchy throat and are feeling tired, these symptoms could indicate allergies - particularly if these symptoms occur in high-pollen months of the year.

Other symptoms may include:

* Sneezing, stuffy nose.

* Coughing OR feeling the need to clear throat.

* Itchy face, at times with rash on face as well as on other areas of the body.

* Dry mouth.

* Issues with the ears, including a feeling of 'blockage'.

* Pressure in the face, at times severe.

* Headache, irritability.

* Significant fatigue.

When allergies are involved, fever is generally not present.

Sinus Drainage May Cause Red Tongue, Sore Mouth, Blisters in Mouth

During high-pollen times of the year sinus drainage is like....battery acid. It may change the pH values in mouth, and because the drainage can be so abrasive to the mouth that blisters may form on the tongue, along the gum line, in the cheek area, on the roof of the mouth as well as on the uvula [that little teardrop which is located in the back of the throat]. In addition, the tongue may feel rough and inflamed.

A red tongue can also indicate vitamin deficiency issues - such as a lack of iron in the daily diet.

At times, the mouth may also crack in the corners due to severe allergies - but is more commonly associated with a vitamin deficiency than allergies.

If allergy issues become bothersome, or are concerning, see your doctor without delay. You may have a condition which is not related to allergies.

Tips For Allergy Relief

*  An over the counter allergy medication can assist but even the non-drowsy meds may leave you feeling sleepy throughout your day.

*  A warm towel or cloth placed over the sinus area can assist in relieving sinus pressure.

*  A neti-pot which is used to rinse out the nasal cavity/sinus areas may help keep symptoms under control.

*  Taking Vitamin C can assist in boosting immunity as well as in healing the mouth.

*  Using an over the counter antiseptic rinse may also help in healing sores and ulceration in the mouth.

Natural Sinus Remedies

If you've experienced issues with your sinuses you know the painful stuffiness and pressure accompanied with the malady. So what causes the pain and pressure?

If you touch the area above your eyebrows, at the bridge of your nose and under your eyes - if you're experiencing sinus issues these areas may feel sensitive and sore to touch. This is an indication that the sinuses are not draining...


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