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5 Great Reasons to Lose Weight

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Stored Energy Reduces Our Current Energy Level

As you read this article keep in mind that when we get excess layers of fat on our body, it's the result of consuming more energy [calories] than our body requires, so it stores the excess in cells for future energy needs. Trouble is, most of us never need that excess energy.

Those excess pounds make us feel sluggish. That's ironic, isn't it? Stored energy reduces our current level of energy.

That's because when we have excess pounds on the body, it must work harder. It also gets hotter quicker which causes us to sweat in situations that we wouldn't normally perspire in; excess sweating is generally connected to heart issues - so simply put, our heart is working harder to supply life-blood to our vital organs and extremities.

The great news is that losing those excess pounds can produce a multitude of healthy benefits.

Let's look at five of our favorite reasons that occur when one loses excess pounds.

Lungs & Vital Organs Perform More Efficiently, Joint Aches Decrease OR Go Away Completely

When the vital organs are compressed in layers of stored fat, bodily functions struggle to perform. Excess fat makes it more difficult for us to breathe - to walk - to perform activities, particularly activities which require more oomph than others.

With less fatty tissue in the legs, they are lighter - making them easier to use. In addition, without the pressure of excess pounds, joints are less likely to experience pain.

Body Temperature Easier to Regulate - Less Sweating

As noted, when we're at our recommended healthy weight our body sweats less than in an overweight state.

Unfortunately, some of the highest rates of obesity occur in the South where summers are the hottest in the United States.

More Attractive Appearance

When we look our best it impacts the way that we feel physically. Losing weight can be one of the highest motivating factors which inspire us to continue on our diet plan until all the excess weight is gone.

Easier to Rise & Shine!

A body that is closest to its recommended healthy weight simply feels more energetic.

Keep in mind that most overweight individuals indulge a wee-bit too much in foods which contribute to obesity - foods generally rich in sugars and fats.

Sometimes, an overweight individual doesn't 'over eat' - they simply eat foods high in calories which create an overage unused by the body - which in turn become stored in the fat cells.

When we feel more energetic, we perform at our best physically, and mentally. Just shedding a few pounds can give a boost to our energy levels.

Vital Signs Achieve a Healthier Level

Just losing a small percentage of excess pounds will improve heart rate, blood pressure readings and cholesterol readings.

For example, if a dieter weighs 200 pounds and their recommended healthy weight is 150 pounds, losing just 10 pounds can make a world of difference in their vital signs-readings as well as how they feel both physically, and mentally.


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