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Diet & Weight Loss Tips for Bikini Lovers

No matter what time of the year, when Bikini Season rolls around Bikini Lovers want to look their best - so the Weight Loss Quest begins something like this....

The dieter is quaking with curious questions - most of which deal with the daily diet OR back-breaking exercise. Let's begin with the topic of daily diet...

Achieving a Toned Body Fit for a Bikini Through the Daily Diet

The daily diet is the most influencing factor when it comes to what we weigh. It takes far more activity to burn off a Cheese Danish than it does to eat a Cheese Danish.

By the way, Cheese Danish can be damaging to the Bikini Lover's body as well as the Non-Bikini Lover's body.

Here are our diet & weight loss tips that can assist in dropping excess pounds, leaving you lighter and looking good in your new bikini.

As a note - darker colors make the body appear thinner so if you're going for the sleekest look possible, opting for a black or navy blue bikini will make you look thinner than a white or bright yellow bikini. Now for our savvy diet tips:

- Enjoy three healthy meals per day based on the Official Food Pyramid. Include 6-8 cups of water per day which help the body stay regulated, as well as make the skin stay healthy. For Bikini Lovers, healthy looking skin is as essential as sun block and tanning oils.

- Avoid fried foods and simple carbs (donuts, pastries, candy - and most desserts).

For dessert and snack time enjoy fresh fruit, boiled eggs, jerky, and popcorn (watch the fat & sodium content and opt for hot-air popcorn if possible). Low fat dairy choices are also a boss choice for Bikini Lovers.

- Sodium (salt) can add false pounds to the body as it works to retain water within the body. After a very salty meal, it may take 3 to 4 days for the body to release the water-weight-gain from the body due to high sodium consumption.

Achieving a Toned Body Fit for a Bikini Through Exercise

Before the Bikini Diet Adventure begins the dieter may as these common questions:

- Will I need to climb a mountain like an elk in order to achieve a Bikini Body?

Well, that will certainly assist in reaching a trimmer state as elks are hugely fit. But keep in mind that when an exercise routine is too brutal, the body itself will actually suffer ill-effects rather than the intended healthy, desired effect. The human body isn't a machine; but like machines - certain parts will wear out quicker than intended when subjected to aggressive exercise routines.

- Will I need to master the oceans and swim like a dolphin to obtain a Bikini Body that's as sleek and agile as a dolphin's?

Dolphins are certainly sleek but unlike we-humans, they don't get water-logged. Therefore, use your good senses when choosing the types of activities that you intend to plant into your Fitness Garden.

- Will I need to run like a deer in order to 'gain' a Bikini Body? that dear?

Okay - so the above weight loss questions may not be all that common, but in short - exercise can work well in toning the muscles of the body thus impacting the way the bikini looks on said-body.

While walking is tops, exercises geared towards the bust area, thigh area and abdomen should be targeted.

Head for an exercise machine that has all these toning gizmos or tone these areas via old-fashioned exercises such as leg lifts, sit ups, windmills and squats.

And of course a brisk 15-20 minute walk each day simply makes a Bikini Body feel great!

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