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Our Free Diet is Based on the Food Pyramid

The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan is based on the official Food Pyramid.

Before taking that first step that leads to Weight Loss Success its important before starting ANY weight loss plan that you check in with your family doctor.

The purpose of your visit in part is to rule out any hidden diseases, illnesses including pregnancy that may be contributing to your weight, as well as to verify that you are in a position to diet.

And of course, your doctor may have suggestions for losing weight which will relate to you, personally.

Keep in mind that we all are different - one from another. We all lose excess fat differently, even when compared to family members.

What to Expect on the Visit With Your Doctor

Your doctor can also provide you with your recommended weight, as well as examples of a healthy diet menu.

In some instances, the family doctor will recommend a specific diet related to the results of the exam or they may recommend that you meet with a nutritionist or dietitian.

Certain tests will probably be performed including a cholesterol work-up as well as vital signs taken - blood pressure, heart rate, and the lungs will be checked.

Ask your doctor if you can have a copy of the results of his findings, particularly the blood pressure reading and the results of the cholesterol work-up.

The Shape of Things to Come Diet, Weight Loss Articles, Tips

The following articles relate to losing unwanted pounds in a safe manner; you will find meal planners as well as menus that you can use for your plan to lose.

There are also lots of groovy tips that are easy to do and that will assist in the losing process. See - there are times when losing is actually a good thing!

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