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Keys to Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Losing Weight Using Powerful Keys to Success

Finally a bit of great news!

I marched forward to lose all of the unwanted pounds and have kept them off permanently.

Were there bumps along the way? Yes indeed!

Avoid Bingeing for Permanent Weight Loss is Imperative

Did I ever binge or go off my weight loss plan? No - never. And that's yet another vital key to maintaining your recommended, healthy weight.

I'm reminded every day about my past life and how fat I had become. Stretch marks, extra skin that should have been removed had I had the money to do such. But while we can sit and focus on all of the negative things in life, there are so many more positive things that deserve the attention.

Since I lost the weight - all 120+ pounds, I feel great.

I have so much energy, even after all this time. Almost two decades later - I feel better at my older age than I did before I lost the weight.

The sluggishness is gone, the mental fog - I have kneecaps and a neck and shoulder blades - and I can even see my toes. As to my health, I was able to get off the blood pressure medicine - and my cholesterol levels greatly improved.

All of these wonderful things are just waiting for you - but they are locked up inside of you, and only you have the power to release them. I assure you that you can lose the weight and be just as successful as I was - as well as so many others in today's big old world.

But enough about me – from here on out, The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan is all about YOU.

Healthy Keys to Weight Loss

Let me show you how to separate the confusing keys from the healthy keys that open weight loss success. These are things that I learned through my dieting mistakes. I can show you how to lose weight safely - and how to keep it off without experiencing some of the horrible side effects that I did including hair loss, lack of luster in skin and hair (what little I had left), bone loss - and more.

And I can also show you the things that you need to do in order to keep the weight off forever - the Weight Maintenance phase of life.

If you’ve dreamed about being a healthy weight, you can achieve such without starving and without a plethora of exercise. You can be healthier.  

You can lose weight. You can be less stressful. You can feel confident about yourself. You can feel proud of yourself.  

And no – even permanent weight loss will not solve all the problems in life.

However, it will make life so much easier – and perhaps much longer.

And after losing those extra pounds, you can start to concentrate on the more important issues of life rather than remaining continually frustrated about what you weigh.

But as with all good things in life – there is a catch.  

Although I can show you the way to weight loss and weight maintenance, only you have the power to turn the keys to start the weight loss process.

Let’s grab some tarnished keys and turn them into gold, shall we?   Next Page 


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