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Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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The Positive Impact of Weight Loss, Healthy Results

Going on two decades ago, something happened - something totally amazing.

As previously mentioned - this was perhaps the most important decision of a lifetime - my lifetime, that is.

It was January and living in the deep South, I knew that those hot, unbearable temperatures were right around the corner.

While the upper USA experiences blizzards at times during the late spring, in this part of the country, most are dipping into the pool.

And with the summer heat right around the corner, I knew that I had to get busy losing that excess body fat that was literally strangling my internal organs.

Losing Weight for Improved Health or Appearance?

I wasn't seeking to achieve a bikini-body at that time - as I wasn't a young spring chicken anymore. My goal was to achieve a healthier body as well as to have the ability to go clothes shopping and fit easily into a garment. I longed for satin and velvet and yes, good health.

I also wanted to get rid of my 'very unloved love handles'.

At this point in time, I was also seeing firsthand what diabetes could do to the body as my father struggled daily with his sugar levels. Bless his heart, he was simply unable to ever win control over his food intake and the end, diabetes was the victor.

Excess Weight Can Trigger Genetic Diabetes

Diabetes is not a kind disease.  

It can act quite slow as it spews out its path of destruction, attacking one organ at a time, as well as the body itself Ė from the eyes to the toes. No, I sure didnít want to end up like my father.

But it was more than that. I didnít want to put my family through the same torture because when one has diabetes, they arenít the only one living with the disease. It is shared by all those around them and many times - the family suffers more emotional ill than the person inflicted with the disease.

As time had progressed, I started having miscarriages. After the second miscarriage, tests were performed and pointed out the culprit as gestational diabetes.

My doctor at the time informed me that my odds of developing Type 2 Diabetes were high - about 98%.

Since that time, current health studies indicate the risk to be around 50% for obese women developing Type 2 Diabetes with 10 years of miscarriage or full-term pregnancy and about 40% risk for women who are at their recommended weight.

Nonetheless, the doctor's stern warning was enough to send me off on yet - another failed diet.

Excess Body Weight & High Blood Pressure

I also knew that my blood pressure was off the roof as well as my bad cholesterol - yet two more issues to add to the 'why I need to lose weight and keep it off' column.

Also I added the following medical conditions that ran in the family genes: heart attack, circulatory issues, kidney failure, blindness, certain types of cancer and stroke.

Woe - if this wasn't enough motivation to get busy halving my weight - then I don't know what might have been. At that time, there was enough weight on my body to have created TWO of me.

So - in this certain January, I was determined to do something positive about my weighty issues once and for all.  Continue


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