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Unhealthy Diet Trends

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Oh Those Unhealthy Meals While Dieting

In my former days of obesity there were times - particularly around the holidays or vacation time, when I would experience weight gain after dropping a few needed pounds.

Unfortunately, at that time I didn't want to think about having to measure and monitor everything that I put through my lips - and I didn't even care if it was ending up on my hips!

I kept assuring myself that diets come and diets go - but once one allows certain celebratory moments in life pass without fully experiencing them - the memories are lost and can never be reclaimed.

As to any weight that I'd gain, I figured that I could always 're-lose' the weight.

Overeating Amid Celebrations & Holidays Only Equals Additional Weight Gain

My outlook was very skewed because I felt that food and drink equaled making happy memories.

Let's look at the Christmas holidays so I can better explain how flaky my former assumptions were.

While we have treats - eggnog, mince pies, carrot cake, gingerbread men, divinity, nut fudge, cheesecake, plum pudding, Christmas cookies, holiday pastries - these aren't the things that make the memories that matter.

The things that do are things like....seeing grandpa laugh, hugging and seeing loved ones and friends from afar, the beautiful decorations,the heart-warming movies of the season - and the sheer spirit at this time of the year.

Nonetheless, amid my slanted thoughts I reverted to Yo-Yo dieting. This term is applicable when an individual goes on a weight loss plan, stops for a short while before starting yet another.

The dieter never succeeds in dropping all of the unwanted weight - but is continually going up and down on the weighing scales. So after all the yo-yoing, my weight continued to spike.

After going through an ‘I hate my body phase' then I'd go through an ‘I'm going to torture my body by starving and teach it to NEVER gain weight again' phase. Yes, quite brainless in more ‘weighs’ than one, but true.  

My diet on many days wasn't enough to keep a Rhode Island gnat alive.

At one point I enrolled in college and took nutrition courses, frolicking eagerly in the pool of proper nutrition and receiving an A++ for my paper efforts as my backside barely fit into the student chair.

But when it came to putting those practices into use in the real world, they didn't work. 

Most Diet Plans Developed by People Who Have Never Been Overweight

Why? Because 99.9% of the material was developed by individuals who were not victims of obesity.

Sure, they may have been pros where Weight Maintenance was concerned – but they didn’t have an inkling about the Kong-sized hurdles that the overweight individual faced.

When my excess weight exploded beyond seventy-five pounds, my attempts at weight loss came few and far between. Diets that once lasted for a few weeks were suddenly lasting for a few days, then a couple of days, then a handful of hours.

Couldn't Stay on a Diet Plan

I'd start a diet when I woke up and by noon I was forging in the Happy Dessert Garden, dancing with the Sugar Plum Fairy herself.

Sometimes just for the fun of it, we’d invite Handsome Enchilada Jose, and Miss Sodium Slot Machine along to the party.

It’s hard to live-it-up properly without salted nuts, salted chips and salted hunks of cheese. The problem was that I may have felt like I was living it up when in fact I was having a ‘killer time’ - slowly carving away years of my life.

At some point I no longer believed in myself - that I could ever achieve my recommended weight, much less stay that size. I was in a lose-lose situation, and I just couldn't lose the weight! But things would soon change....   Next Page 


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