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Recommended Serving Sizes
for the Dairy Group

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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How Many Dairy Selections Does Your Body Require Daily?

The Dairy Group is absolutely moo-velous for anyone attempting to drop unwanted weight.

By now, everyone on the planet is aware that milk drinkers tend to weigh less than non-milk drinkers AND that drinking 3 cups of milk per day can actually assist in dropping those unwanted pounds.

But take note that one reason these individuals weight less is because most people who drink milk tend to embrace a healthy daily eating plan. And you can too!

Skim & Low Fat Selections, Keys to Losing Weight

The key is opting for skim dairy products which can save you tons of fat and calories. For example, a slice of good old cheddar cheese contains about 100 calories.

But wait. We can do better than that....

A slice of skim mozzarella contains 60 calories. What an excellent snack choice along with 5 whole grain crackers for a tab over 100 calories - about as much as one slice of regular cheese.

Another example - milk. One cup of skim milk contains 80 calories while 1 cup of whole milk contains double the calories - 160 to be exacto.

What is a Serving Size in the Dairy Group?

Dairy - Milk, Yogurt, Cheese:

1 cup milk , and that covers all - from zero fat to whole selections

1 cup yogurt , but it's generally sold at 4-6 ounce single servings

1 1/2 ounces of natural cheese

2 ounces of processed cheese

1 cup of cottage cheese ; take note that cottage cheese is extreme in sodium [salt]

1/2 cup ricotta cheese - also high in salt

1 cup frozen yogurt , much healthier than regular ice cream

1 1/2 cups ice cream

Weight Loss Dairy Tips

While on a weight loss plan, it's a great idea to find a hot and a cold drinking container that you can use throughout the day.

Measure how much the container holds by using a measuring cup and water. That way, when you pour drinks from larger containers, then you will automatically know how high to pour the beverage to meet the recommended serving size.

In addition, you'll be assuring that you aren't using a container that holds two to three times the recommended serving size; a glass and a cup do not equal the same measurements as a glass may be of any size.

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