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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

About our low calorie recipes…  

I remember back to the era of my life when I was desperately trying to drop those unwanted pounds. At that time, books containing low calorie recipes were plentiful but they always involved ingredients that I was unfamiliar with.

Adding New Foods to Your Weight Loss Plan for Interest, Flavor & Texture

I'd never tasted goat cheese, capers, and unique spices. Cinnamon - I knew, as well as nutmeg, cloves and ginger.

Facing facts – even though I have ventured out and tested many up-town ingredients, I’m still just a old-fashioned southern girl who doesn’t know beans about fancy cooking.

Common Foods Also Make Excellent Choices for Healthy Meals

My kitchen pantry is stocked with the most common foods that abound in today’s world - milk, bread, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, macaroni, cheese, ketchup, mustard and so forth.  

About the fanciest that I’ll get is when I get a little wild with winter squash. My those are so yummy – and so much fun to experiment with.

Free Recipes at Diet Bites

On that note, of the hundreds if not thousands of low calorie, diet recipes found at Diet Bites, you won’t encounter high-brow recipes, rather tasty home-style cooking.

And I highly encourage you to experiment with these recipes, adding flavorful low calorie ingredients that will make the recipes your own while taking them to a higher level.

Important to Personalize Meals, Recipes When Losing Weight

As a note, I feel that it's vital to offer everyone the opportunity to personalize their food - which can be enjoyed by anyone at almost any age. Many times, seasonings can be added at the table.

Most of our recipes have the ability to be altered to suit personal taste. And I highly recommend that whenever possible, it's a great idea to encourage everyone at the table to personalize their food - whether it is the ability to add a dash of maple syrup to their winter squash or a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar.

Because I am continually seeking lower calorie recipes for those wanting to lose weight, I spend a good deal of time in the kitchen. And over the past decade many of these low calorie recipes have been key in keeping my weight under control.

So if you like truffles, sea urchins, goat cheese and Greek olives – I’m sorry but you won’t find them inside this section of Diet Bites. Maybe one day – but not now. But what you will find are tons of delicious low calorie offerings as well as cooking tips that can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good! Next Page 

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