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Losing Weight Permanently

Article by Diet Bites | Previous Page

Dieting, Where to Start?

Finally, that day arrived when I made one of the most important decisions - if not the most important on of my entire life.

The decision to lose weight with the personal commitment that THIS TIME that excess weight was going to stay off forever. I had reached the point where my health was more important than my love for food.

However, the issue was.....I just did not know where I should begin. Where should I start? How could I possibly accomplish permanent weight loss?

Although I'd been on more diets than sheep have wool (before sheering of course) I simply didn't know where to start because I didn't want this diet to end the same - in complete failure, only to regain any lost weight and then some. This seemed to be the former trend where dieting was concerned and I was determined that the same situation did not repeat itself.

Tuna, Boiled Eggs & Grapefruit Diets Didn't Work

Whenever I thought about losing weight, I fished in the market stream and hooked canned tuna in spring water. I gingerly sucked on grapefruit until my mouth resembled a jute tobacco bag. I boiled eggs and found alternative methods for adding taste without adding calories such as steeping them in dill pickle juice (unfortunately a good source of blow-me-up- sodium). I popped enough hot air popcorn to fill up a giant balloon - minus the melted light margarine, of course.

Exercise & Fat Loss Equation

As for activity, I fear that one of my physical education teachers scarred me early-on in life.

The experience was horrific and I remember feeling like I was in prison as a young girl, looking up into the ceiling of iron rafters as the perky teacher counted the sit-ups and endless standing windmills each and every day, blowing her little pink whistle in-between the yelling.

She was such a snot and hard-as-nails instructor that one girl collapsed amid the brutal exercise. And when one girl refused to continue the exercises, Blond-headed Teacher with the pixie hair-do threatened to use corporal punishment to which the girl yelled out, "I'm pregnant, you witch!" which I can still hear echoing though that very large gym even to this day. Yes, the woman scarred me for certain - and perhaps would have been better fit for a military operation rather than public schools.  

Not only did I feel like I was in Holland, I longed to be blown away by the windmills– out of the stinky gym filled with pubescent girls and snooty rich girls – into the Great Outdoors where I could just sit and dream the day away.

At the time, I didn’t have any weighty issues. Perhaps if I would have continued performing those endless windmills, I wouldn’t have ballooned into the sky. Of course, hindsight is always 20-20.

Almost all weight loss plans recommend activity – as all healthy weight loss plans should. However, when activity turns into things that fuel gold-medals (as well as rabid gym teachers), then the average dieter isn't going to stick to the over-sweaty routine. Sweaty – good. Over sweaty – stinky. Stinky – sunken weight loss plan. Sunken weight loss plan – weight gain. Weight gain – not good.  

Celebration Over Weight Loss Often Leads to Weight Gain

Activity or not, on those occasions when I experienced Weight Loss Success, more often than not I would let loose by celebrating. Many times, I celebrated a few cupcakes and enchiladas too many. As you might can tell from the many 'tortilla soup' and 'enchilada' lower calorie recipes at Diet Bites, I am very partial to Mexican cuisine.

Yes, it’s a vicious circle weight gain-slash-weight loss accompanied with activity and exercise. Excessive Activity is one of the hidden trap doors that we talked about in the Prelude - it just doesn't work over the long term in combating weight.

The Shape of Things to Come, Our Free Diet Plan

Keeping this in mind, The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan recommends ‘sane, safe & moderate’ activity – but more on this topic later when we’ll discuss how we can actually make activity time, fun time. We mention it here because it is a vital part of achieving optimum health.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I heard that, but everything worth anything always requires a bit of effort, right? And weight loss and popping down to a healthy size is certainly worth the work.

Think of things this way....

Remember the old traveling salesmen who sold elixir - like on the television in westerns? What if someone was selling an elixir that guaranteed the probability of a longer life? A more fulfilling life? A life with greater quality than the one you're living right now? What if they have genuine health studies that supported the effectiveness of the elixir? Think about this very carefully. What would you pay for the probable chance of living a lot longer, in a healthier state, feeling great?

If you're like most, you'd pay very well for the elixir - but you see, you have the capability to make all of these potentials to come true. Without any so-called elixir. By simply losing weight - you will probably live a lot longer. You'll certainly feel a lot better. You'll certainly be a lot healthier. And an added plus? You'll even look more beautiful or more handsome than you do now.  Next Page 


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