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Determine How Many Calories I Should Eat

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Your Personal Energy [calories, kcals] Needs

If you have chosen counting calories for weight loss, you've made a wise choice.

What we weigh is governed by this factor more than any other, including what we eat and how much activity we employ.

Body Weight Based on Energy, Not Carbs, Fat, Sugar or Protein

In the end, it all comes down to the number of calories (energy) consumed throughout the day via food and liquids.

Calories are balanced during the day with activity which expends energy. Even when we are dormant and live the life as a Couch Potato, our body requires energy just to keep the body properly functioning.

Therefore, no matter if one counts carbs, fat grams or the tiny hidden weight gain monsters that are plugged into many foods and beverages, the body recognizes energy in the form of calories – so counting calories counts for the most accurate form of weight management that we know.  It’s also the cornerstone recognized by the official Food Pyramid.

How Many Calories do Your Need?

To determine the amount of calories that you currently consume, get a sheet of paper and jot down as best as you can everything you have consumed in the way of food and beverages today.

If you can remember what you’ve eaten over the last couple of days you can divide the number of total calories by two which will provide an average. Ideally, an average provides a more accurate summary of the amount of energy being consumed.

Nutrition Labels, Calorie Books to Assist

To determine calorie content of foods and beverages, check the labels or consult a calorie book.  

There may be some foods that will prove impossible in determining the number of calories – such as casseroles. If have dined at a fast food restaurant or had a fine-dining experience, ask your server for a nutrition menu which will provide the calories for you.

If you have prepared a dish such as a casserole at home, add the calories in the ingredients and divide the total calories by the number of servings.

Counting Calories for Weight Loss, Best Proven Method

In my experience with weight loss which involved several decades, counting calories was the only method that worked to deliver permanent weight loss results.

Your situation may be different, and because of such I will always remain open-minded about weight loss plans that are not based on caloric intake. 

What I would like to accomplish with you is to get you thinking about how many calories that next bowl of ice cream contains, that next handful of potato chips contains or that next healthy apple contains – as you will carry this knowledge with you for the remainder of your life and it can be your best defense against weight gain.

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