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Recommended Daily Calorie
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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Determining Body's Necessary Caloric Intake

Before you can create a Weight Loss Plan you must know how many calories your body needs each and every day based in order to achieve your goal weight.  

Unfortunately, calculating this number is not an exact science as our bodies use a different amount of calories from day to day.

Elements Effecting Caloric Intake, Body Weight

Stress, Rest, Gender, Activity Level

Calorie intake is continually influenced by such factors as stress, amount of sleep, sex, age and level of activity– and other factors such as the climate, metabolic rate and even our current state of health.

Sickness, State of Health Impact on Body Weight

When we're sick or when we have fever, we use more calories at rest than when we're in a healthy state.

If the weather outdoors is extremely cold and we're going to be climbing a bunch of stairs, then we're going to burn more calories in the cold than we would when the temperatures are mild.

Calories Required for Healthy Body Weight Chart

Please note that the following chart may be used as a pattern for recommended daily calories (energy) and are not set in stone.

It is equally important to get with your family doctor to determine your personal daily calorie recommendations but in the meantime, the charts will provide a good base that you can start working with.

Locate your ‘Goal Weight’ and determine necessary calories by using the chart below.  

As an example, if Dieter Carrie is 5’5” tall and her goal weight is 155 pounds. Based on our Recommended Daily Calorie Chart, Carrie will need to consume 1,898 calories in order to reach her goal weight.

As weight loss occurs, this number will require adjusting so she (and you) will continue to drop pounds.

Caloric Needs, Healthy Weight Chart

Goal Weight                Daily Calories   

110 - 115                      1,424                              154 - 156                      1,898

112 - 116                      1,456                              157 - 159                      1,937
114 - 117                      1,489                              160 - 163                      1,976
118 - 122                      1,528                              164 - 167                      2,009
123 - 127                      1,567                              168 - 172                      2,035
128 - 131                      1,606                              173 - 178                      2,041
134 - 136                      1,645                              179 - 183                      2,080
137 - 140                      1,723                              184 - 188                      2,126
141 - 144                      1,762                              189 - 192                      2,171
145 - 147                      1,801                              193 - 197                      2,340
148 - 150                      1,840                              198 - 202                      2,399
151 - 153                      1,879                              203 - 207                      2,457


Daily Energy Factors, Tips

The ‘daily calories’ above are based on Goal Weight and an inactive lifestyle.  By inserting activity into your weight loss plan, you should experience stellar weight loss results.

A simple, yet effective trick in reaching your Goal Weight is to count the number of calories this set weight requires to be supported, then simply consume that number of calories per day.

For example: Dieter Ken’s Goal Weight is 190 pounds. If he consumed about 2,171 calories per day he will eventually reach his Goal Weight. This of course, is based on Ken leading an inactive lifestyle – so Ken will need to employ more calories depending upon his level of activity.  Continue

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