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How to Set Goal Weight

Article by Diet Bites | Previous Page

Personal Diet Plan Requires Energy Values to Support Your Goal Weight

It’s time to develop YOUR personal weight loss plan.  Yes, for some it may appear intimidating, particularly when one glances to the deep canyons lying juxtapose to The Old Weight Loss Trail.  

Although the raging waters are churning – do not fret as I am here to walk you safely towards your Weight Loss Goals. 

It may help to know that much of raging inside the waters is nothing more than a figment of your imagination. Yes, all that churning about indeed – it does seem so real.

It may relieve your mind to know that the raging is more bark than bite and is merely the protesting of former favorite foods who are making trouble. Not to worry as these trouble makers will grow stale and fade away without your attention as time goes by and your weight loss accomplishments gain strength. From cookie buddies to gravy hounds – the raging waters will soon settle.  

And keep in mind that only YOU have the power to bring them back to life.

Step #1 – Determine Your Recommended Weight

Tip: Recommended weight is often referred to as ideal or perfect or even 'best' weight. We define this term as 'the weight in which you feel healthiest or most comfortable' at.

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when determining their goal weight is basing that number on ‘what they want to weigh’ rather than ‘what they should weigh’.

Perfect or Ideal Body Weight Varies From Person to Person

In addition, what might be a perfect weight for one person may not be a perfect weight for another – even if all the effecting factors are closely mirrored - such as same height, same identical body frame size, age and muscle mass.

Weight Maintenance Tips

Therefore, at the end of your Weight Loss Plan it’s important for YOU to decide at which weight your feel best within the Weight Range below – or within the recommended weight range established by your doctor or nutritionist.

Ideal Body Weight Ranges Tiered

When you review these type tables they are tiered. For example, if Jim is six feet in height, his suggested healthy weight ranges between 149 to 188 pounds based on the charts at Diet Bites. He currently weighs 250 pounds - so he will need to lose a minimum of 62 pounds to fall within the acceptable weight based on our charts.

If he chooses the lowest number of 149 pounds, he will have almost 100 pounds to lose. Therefore, by setting his goal weight at 188 pounds, it is more doable. Once he reaches this number he can always adjust.

Weight Charts to be Used Solely as a Pattern

Again, it's vital to stress that online charts from any source - as well as charts in your doctor's office are simply patterns that you can use in setting your goal weight. Jim might lose to 195 pounds and discover this to be his best weight - his healthiest and most comfortable weight.

There is nothing on earth  that can inspire an individual to lose weight like losing weight can. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 

And the more weight that you lose while dieting, the more motivated that you’ll become to lose more weight until you finally reach your goal weight. Next Page 


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