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YoYo Dieting Dangers

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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YoYo Diet Habits, Dangers

The YoYo Diet becomes a high risk window when the dieter doesn't follow his diet plan through - the dieter simply quits mid-stream. This signals that the plan wasn't a good match for the individual.

All would be fine if the individual had a back-up plan in place, but more often than not, the diet ends with a binge.

The danger of these types of plan depend upon the method that is being used to lose the excess pounds. If too restrictive in calories, the individual could end up at the ER or six feet under. This mode is that dangerous. The situation become severe when periods between dieting become closer and closer to one another.

Almost All Diets End in Binge

It's how almost-all diets end, unfortunately. Odds are, your last attempt to lose weight ended in this manner.

The problem with 'quitting a diet' is that an individual may fall into a YoYo pattern. In short, these individuals are always on some type of reductions plan, generally the hottest fad method for losing excess body fat.

They may start a plan on Monday morning and quit by the end of the week. Or, they may start on Monday morning and quit at lunch.

Even when weight loss is successful, an individual who is struggling with the YoYo pattern of losing will quickly regain the weight once the plan is stopped.

Not only is the lost weight regained, but generally, additional weight. And those up's and down's in weight are very unhealthy for the body as it struggles to achieve a balance.

The Fad Diet

When a diet isn't based on the healthy Food Groups, it's considered a fad diet. A fad diet may focus on one food, such as enjoying only bananas for the day.

Unhealthy Eating Plan

A fad diet may severely cut carbs from the daily diet. It may include a guaranteed miracle diet pill or diet tonic.

Too Much Activity

Or it may include an overabundance of activity - a level that may take hours to achieve.

Can you really keep up with this level of activity? Can you deal with the time it is carving from your life? These are a couple of examples of the questions you might ask yourself.

Most Fad Diets are Not Realistic OR Healthy & Lead to YoYo Dieting

At times, dieters become wrapped-up in the moment, but once they start their diet, they quickly get disappointed when they realize that losing weight with a fad diet isn't doable OR easy.

And on that note, can you name one person that you know who has went on a fad diet AND kept the weight off for more than 10 years?  Five years?

The facts remain that fad plans tend to do more harm to the body than good and that the majority of dieters who lose weight using this method, gain the weight back rapidly once the plan has been discarded. Continue

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