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Dieting No Energy

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Doctor Prescribed Diets, Usually Too Minimal in Energy Values

Have you ever arrived at your doctor's office only to leave out of the door with your pockets empty and your hand containing a newly prescribed diet menu which looked more appropriate for a bunny than a human?

Yes, me too. Several times. In fact, before I permanently lost those extra pounds, even on those doctor visits when I was slightly overweight, the doctor's nurse was handing me a 'healthy' menu example of a diet that I had been prescribed by the doctor to follow.

And in most events, my doctor had more pounds to lose than I did.

A rush of adrenalin causes certain moments in life to be branded inside the memory bank, and these memories can easily be recalled. Throughout my numerous adrenalin rushes I clearly recall the number of calories allowed on these example menus.

1000 Calorie Diets

Most in the early years were centered around 1,000 calories per day. But as science and health studies proved over and over again, that number of daily values isn't enough to meet the body's nutritional needs and can prove quite dangerous.

800 Calorie Diet

At one point I was handed an 800 calorie per day menu by the doctor. Yes - way! At this place in time, I was in need of losing only thirty pounds.

1200, 1400 Calorie Diets

So as time marched by, I was greeted with 1,200 calorie diet plans as well as 1,400 calorie plans. Apparently, 13 is an unlucky number indeed as it was bypassed totally.

And talk about thin.... The sample plans, that is. Most didn't contain enough food to keep a Texas gnat alive, much less a grown woman or man.

Food Equals Energy

Breakfast usually consisted of some variety of raw grapefruit. Lunch was almost-always canned tuna. Dinner generally held a boiled egg and a few carrot sticks. No snacks, no sauces, gravies, non-skim dairy products and particularly no cupcakes of any sort.

I always left the doctor's office so bummed, feeling overwhelmed and defeated before I tried what was outlined on that little sheet of paper, because I knew in my heart-of-hearts that I would not be able to stick to such a restrictive plan day-in and day-out until all the weight was gone, particularly where those 1,000 calorie diet menus were concerned.

This isn't to say that there aren't times when a 1,000 calorie diet might be necessary - but a diet this low in energy values should only be embraced by individuals who are under the direct and close supervision of a professional health giver.

With this said, should your doctor, nurse or nutritionist hand you a diet plan that is extremely restricted in calories, please don't just take the paper like a robot.

Important to Ask Questions

Ask questions. Why is the diet so restricted in calories? Will such impact your metabolism - as in slowing it to a turtle's pace? What symptoms should you be on the alert for that would signal trouble due to the extreme reduction of calories? Loss of hair? Feeling of unwellness? Lethargy?

As to the daily calories, anything below 1,200 - 1,250 calories per day should send up a red flag. If you have a lot of weight to lose (over 75 pounds) your body may even require a higher number of daily minimal calories to meet its daily functions. Continue

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