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Excessive Exercise Effects

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Weight Loss Hot Spot, Too Much Exercise

Even when losing weight involves the most pleasant and effective of menu and activity planning, when the amount of exercise exceeds the dieter's stamina, more often than not they can't find the fortitude necessary for continuing forward to meet their goals.

Excess Exercise Often Ends Diet Plan

While activity is a very important key to a healthier body, and yes - it will make losing those pounds a quicker progress, when too much of any good thing is part of the puzzle, opportunities for failure as well as achievement widen.

However, when the individual grows weary due to a daily diet which is restricted in caloric content, they often wane towards the negative end of the spectrum - bobbing about to find their footing while nursing those aches and pains - compliments of a weight loss plan that is far too rigorous where activity is concerned.

Too Many New Things to Adjust to When Dieting

After all, the dieter is struggling to adjust to new foods, new recipes and a different way of life than they have been so comfortable with in the past.

Adding an overdose of activity to the equation can be just enough to send the individual scrambling off the Weight Loss Trail and back towards the starting line - back to their former daily diet that was mined with too many sugar grams, too many fat grams and an excessive about of simple carbohydrates like donuts, pies, cupcakes, cookies and pastries.

Diet Too Restrictive in Calories Makes Exercise Challenging as Activity Requires Energy

Far too often a diet which is restrictive in caloric content is blamed for the failure of a particular diet plan when in actuality, it's a combination of too few calories, too many calories being exerted in the area of energy - and both collide to create one big failure.

Sure, you can drop pounds and be thinner without doing any type of exercise which increases heart rate, but the results aren't pretty. Exercise strengthens muscles - and our heart in the largest muscle in the body.

What good is thin when one has a weak or a sick heart? And when we don't incorporate exercise into our weight loss plan, when the pounds melt off - and they will do such with time and a smart diet plan, then the individual is left with a plethora of excess skin at times which could have been toned with exercise.

In addition, because muscle mass requires more calories to support than fat mass, the dieter would have lost the weight at a more rapid pace.

And once the weight is off, they can consume more energy because of such. A healthy dose of exercise is almost-always a win-win situation. The individual sees the results of activity on the outside while the inside is healthier and running at a smooth pace, particularly that stronger, revved-up metabolism.

Tips for Exercise Paired With a Healthy Diet Plan

Establishing a Doable Exercise Schedule

Exercise and activity plan should be doable. If the exercise is too brutal, the dieter simply can't keep up with the program - not to mention all those aches and pains associated with over-activity.

Balance is Everything When Dieting Whether it Comes to Activity, Rest or the Eating Plan

Aim for a healthy balance, not only with the foods in your daily diet, but also with your activity level.

Start Out With a Moderate Activity at a Moderate Pace

When the diet starts, if you are not used to activity, we suggest walking. Aim to walk for 5 minutes per day, then move up to 10 minutes per day - then 15 minutes and so forth.

Generally, a 15 minute brisk walk every day will do wonders to tone the body, and in assisting the digestive track, and in boosting metabolism rate - and in making the dieter feel healthier. You may not get a Gold Medal, but you'll feel like a million bucks. Continue


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