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Getting Over Trouble Spots in Your Diet Plan

The four winds were colliding over Diet Creek and Jenny didn't have a paddle in sight - or even crazy straw.  

She heard the rumbling waterfall in the distance, not having time to wonder what a waterfall was doing in a creek.

It looked bad, the deep water licking at her little Diet Raft which at this point in her diet was all raggedy and spent.  

Attempting to Stay True the Diet Plan Requires Willpower

She didn't want to go off her diet, but she had little choice. Who could resist the heavenly piece of cheesecake that was a mere two inches from her shocked looking face - the cheesecake that was leading her down the primrose path of Diet Destruction.

Jenny edged forward, fearful of the giant waterfall ahead but she just had to have this delicious looking piece of cheesecake.  

And after the cheesecake, she just might enjoy a bowl of Strawberry Patch ice cream.  

Jenny didn't have time to think about anything else that she planned to enjoy because she was suddenly spiraled into the vortex of Diet Failure, her once-wonderful diet drowned by a cheating glance of cheesecake.

Tips for Losing Excess Pounds

If this sounds familiar, don't flub up your diet like Jenny!

Resisting Temptation Tips

When tempted by cheesecake, as well as other delectable unhealthy goodies, take your Diet Paddle and beat those Food Demons off.  

It doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a treat. Try reaching for a fresh, sexy peach or a bowl of fresh picked strawberries.  

Even a 220 calorie chocolate bar is better than sinking your weight loss plan. Even better if the chocolate is dark because dark chocolate has some healthy benefits.

However, in the event that you do relent to the cheesecake, that doesn't have to spell Diet Failure. It's one (okay, maybe two or three pieces in some circumstances) piece of cheesecake.  

Remain Steadfast, Exercise Patience When Dieting

Get RIGHT BACK ON YOUR RAGGEDY RAFT and keep on sailing down Diet Creek. Cause you know what? You're worth it and your good health is certainly worth it.  

And one day soon, you'll be so glad that you didn't drown your diet. Continue

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