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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Lose Weight by Reintroducing Knife & Fork Into Your Diet Plan

Let's take a moment to think back to your infancy....

Remember how you used to grab onto food, completely ignoring your knife and fork?   It's the main reason that mommy purchased the Tweety & Sylvester feeding set.  

Yes, you made a total oink-oink out of yourself at meal time - and we're not even going to talk about what you did to those pants.   But as time progressed, you totally mastered the silverware - as well as the pant- part.

Now, let's go 'back to the future' to make a few comparisons when it comes to meal time.

Foods We Enjoy Eating With Our Hands

Meats such as ribs, pork chops and chicken are all examples of foods that most of us enjoy eating with our hands.

Other foods that we like to enjoy with our hands include: corn on the cob, crab legs, popcorn, onion rings, French fries, hamburgers, tacos and hot dogs.

Obviously, a lot of hand-held foods must be enjoyed with the hands.

It would appear idiotic to eat popcorn with a fork, or to stab a French fry with a chopstick before eating.  

Foods: When Fork & Knife Would Be Best

However, there are many foods that we automatically eat by using our hands which would serve our diet well if we would eat them with a knife and fork instead.

The next opportunity in which you are presented with an acceptable 'finger food' pause to determine if it qualifies as a knife and fork object before you dive in.

Tips for Using Your Knife & Fork for Weight Loss

A good example is chicken. When using a knife and fork to accomplish what your hands generally accomplish, your diet will render the following benefits:

Cutting Up Larger Foods Aids in Digestion, Fullness Indicator

- The pieces are bite-sized and can be thoroughly chewed, thus providing longer chicken enjoyment while aiding your digestive system.

- The added time to the meal, as well as the added time to enjoy the food also allows your mind to better register that your tummy is full.  

- It takes about 20 minutes in order to accomplish that feeling of fullness.

Controlling Amounts of Food We Consume

- Taking time to enjoy your food is a powerful diet tool and will help greatly in the area of 'Food Control'.

- You will look civilized.

Still don't wanna eat those hand-held foods with a knife and fork?  

Then think about purchasing a Tweety & Sylvester set. Dishwasher safe, large handles so they are easy to grasp and hold, and so durable! Continue

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