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Weight Loss Expectations

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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How much are you expecting from your weight loss plan?

Are you prepared to be patient while the pounds decrease?

It takes a lot of patience to be patient – particularly when weight loss tends to occur at a rate of two pounds per week – almost any way you slice the cheese.

Unfortunately, human nature is a hungry beast that never seems to be satisfied. For every thing right in life, there are two things wrong. Once all the weight is gone, of course – many stressful problems will be solved.

Nothing is Perfect in Life, Especially Diet Plans

However, nothing is ever perfect. There are always troubling issues which are ready and willing to fill the empty spot where those extra pounds once resided.

The Circle of Weight Gain/Loss

Once we lose the weight - then we have to be worried about keeping the weight off for good. It's just one continuous circle.

Even so, many individuals embrace a weight loss plan expecting far too much. 

Although losing weight can improve one’s level of health as well as myriad of wonderful things, it can’t create a perfect body.

It cannot make one happy as a lark 100% of the rest of their lives.

It cannot solve financial woes – although weight loss can increase one’s odds for financial success.

In Summary

Be realistic and determined. Give respect to your weight loss plan and the rewards will be great – but not magical.

Starting a New Diet, Tips

Diet Motivation Vital for Success

Getting started on a new diet can be exciting and stressful. Most dieters start out fast and go beyond the call of Diet Duty to lose those unwanted pounds.

As time goes by, Diet Motivation declines. Suddenly, that cupcake or cookie or mac 'n cheese look so much better than the bland, boring diet.

Losing Pounds Sensibly

Diet Bites advises approaching weight loss sensibly. Work to gather all your personal facts. Visit with your doctor. Learn from your past Diet Mistakes. Add a healthy dose of activity into your daily schedule - something that you'll stick with.

Always Have a Back-Up Diet Plan in Place Should Your Original Plan Fail

Have a back-up diet plan in place. Enjoy ALL the Food Groups in your diet. Watch and limit the additives on natural food selections.

Ask yourself, "Do I really need all that margarine OR butter on my corn? On my potato? Can I enjoy my peas without the cream sauce? Rather than cheese nachos, can I enjoy a piece of grilled chicken instead for less fat and calories?'

And once the diet is started, don't fall off the Diet Wagon. Otherwise, the old familiar Diet Yo Yo might come into play, which often leads into a fray of eternal dieting. Continue

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