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Personal Weight Loss Story

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Frustrations Often Involved in the Weight Loss Process

Of course, the questions that kept rumbling through my mind from the previous page - these thoughts and even the personal promises that I made to myself were derived from an extremely truncated list – otherwise The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan would be a ten-volume masterpiece.

If you've ever tried to lose weight, your personal frustrations may mirror my own frustrations.

You probably have asked the same questions over and over to yourself - just like I did.

And you may wonder how it is that some people can eat the forest and still look like a pencil.

Why Can't I Reach My Recommended Weight? I Want to Be Normal.....

Or why - just once in your life, can't you reach a recommended weight. Who cares if it's a perfect weight? You just want to be within your normally accepted weight range - a healthy weight for your height, age, body frame size, gender, muscle mass and comfort level.

Fortunately, I went on to lose all those unwanted 100+ pounds and more importantly – I’ve kept those pounds off for over a decade. And most importantly, I want the same fortune to come your way.

The Shape of Things to Come, Our Free Diet Plan

Although I’ll be sharing more of my story a bit later, The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan was written especially for you – to help YOU succeed in losing all of those extra pounds, as well as in keeping them off, not to glorify my own weight loss success.

My goal is to assist you in doing the same - in showing you the areas in which I made massive mistakes so that you won't do the same. I want to show you how you-too can indeed reach a healthy weight - and more importantly, how you can remain a healthy weight permanently and live a healthier, longer and more productive life.

It's Time to Tell Those Excess Pounds to Get Lost Forever!

Hopefully when you’re finished reading this attempted stab at a masterpiece, you’ll never ever never want to invite those gloriously ‘lost pounds’ to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time again. So sit back and keep reading - it's totally free, all the weight loss advice, tips and lower calorie recipes.

The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan can assist you with the following:

Losing Weight Safely, Permanently

Losing weight without losing your sanity, your good health, your bank account or your motivation to continue to the end and meet all of your set goals;

Healthy Daily Diet, Low Calorie Recipes

Spiking your daily diet with low calorie recipes to generate weight loss - and might I emphasize 'tasty, easy to prepare, few ingredients and very filling' recipes;

Moderate Exercise - No Need to Go Ape

This free diet plan also contains dynamite weight loss tips that are simple, doable and effective without exercise that are more full of huffing and puffing than rendering healthy results; our activity tips that won’t tap into your weight loss energy reserves because we have tips that will help you choose to lose;

Boosting Self-Confidence Through Weight Loss

And finally, this free diet plan can boost self-esteem and confidence; there are no stronger motivators.

With our dynamic low calorie recipes inside this section of Diet Bites – losing weight can be accomplished much easier; we'll take things at a simplified pace because losing weight shouldn't be as difficult as some diet plans make it to be.

In fact, the hard part is keeping the weight off once it has been lost. Not for just a few days, weeks, months or years, but forever.

But have no worries or concerns for my trusty bag of weight loss tips is bulging at the seams!  Next Page 



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