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Food for Energy and Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Energy Via Food, a Big Key to Weight Loss

Itís nothing short of a miracle Ė this body of ours!  We can feed it most anything edible and it continues to function without missing a beat. Or at least it seems that way until it misses a big beat due to poor nutritional intakes.  

The fact that our bodies have the ability to sort what we need and donít need is amazing in itself.

But what is truly amazing is that most individuals consider food as a source of entertainment. When food is consumed they are concerned about how the food looks, smells and tastes.  

Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the true function of food, that being Ė our source of energy.

Without food we would surely collapse and float off into never-never land. Without food our blood sugar levels would go into a whirlwind. We would experience dizziness, sluggishness and lethargy. Without food we would surely die.

Or maybe we should amend that to 'surely diet' because a lot of dieters pull back way too far on the amount of foods contained in their weight loss plan.

A typical dieter's menu looks something like the following menu.

Far Too Little for Breakfast "Breaking The Fast"

Breakfast: grapefruit

Diet Sodas Offer Zero Nutritional Values While Rotting Your Teeth & Paying Havoc With Blood Sugar Levels

Mid Morning Snack: a diet cola

Example of a Poor Diet Menu for Lunch

Lunch: a can of tuna packed in spring water, five soggy saltines, a sack of carrot sticks and another diet cola

A Healthy Snack But Too Low in Calories to Stave Off Appetite Until Next Meal Arrives

Mid Afternoon Snack: bag of celery sticks

At This Point, the Dieter Wants to Toss in the Towel for a Good Old Binges

Dinner: one olive and a frilly toothpick or if they decide to splurge they might just add a cucumber slice to the dinner plate.

Yes indeed - this body of ours is much wiser on the inside than on the outside.

Keep in Mind - Food Equals Energy

As to food equals energy, every food choice that we make should be done so with great thought and consideration. Rather than choosing a particular food or beverage based on flavor, we should be choosing based on nutritional needs. Each meal should be populated with healthy foods listed inside the Official Food Pyramid.

While a stack of chocolate chip cookies and milk may look more appealing to the eyes, the stomach is saying - go for the banana and Tablespoon of peanut butter. Or go for the sandwich prepared with lean proteins and whole grain bread.

Or go for the baked potato - not the fried-fries. Of course, the healthier choices are endless and it's up to each of us to make the final decision of which foods that we want to put into our body. Continue

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