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Bad Diets

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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The Bad Diet, The Unhealthy Plan for Losing Weight

Although a diet low in calories and filled with only a handful of particular foods may sound tempting, they almost-always lead to Diet Failure and ill health.

Diets to avoid include:

- One food diets;

- Diets missing a Food Group;

- A diet that embraces a strenuous activity and exercise plan;

- Diets that promise or guarantee dramatic results in 'x-amount' of time - all for a certain 'x-amount' of dollars;

- Diets that include miracle potions, diet pills or diet tonics.

The Good Diet, The Healthy Plan for Losing Weight

The Good Diet includes all of the following elements:

- The Food Groups, yes ALL of them, including grains;

- Moderate activity and exercise;

- A back-up Diet Plan;

- A sufficient amount of calories to meet the nutritional needs of the body while dieting.

Health Rewards Associated With Weight Loss

Personal Rewards associated with a successful diet include a boost in self-esteem, a trimmer body, smaller clothes, and a brighter smile looking back at you. Unfortunately, individuals tend to judge one another based on looks.

A thinner individual may suddenly find a promotion in store, or an exciting romance.

Health Rewards associated with a successful diet include an increase in mental alertness, less body aches that were caused by too much weight on the body frame, over-all better health including a healthier heart which doesn't have to work so hard to support the unwanted weight.

Other health rewards include an increase in agility, an increase in sex drive, a decrease in health risks for developing certain health issues such as heart disease and diabetes; elevated blood pressure may stabilize in addition to elevated glucose levels.

Adopting a healthier diet can also lead to a longer, more productive life. Continue

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