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Relaxation for Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Balancing Exercise With Relaxation for Losing Body Fat

Believe it or not, relaxation is as important to weight loss as activity. Where the body is concerned, it's all about balance.

Balancing our nutritional needs, balancing the body's fluids, balancing sugar levels - a balanced diet, and a life style balanced with a healthy dose of relaxation and activity.

While we're just a-living, stress marches forward and create all sorts of negative energy in our life. Some examples where a healthy dose of relaxation can come to the rescue include the following.

Relaxation is a Great Stress Reliever

The next time you get stressed, pay attention to how your body responds. More often than not, the stressed individual looks for something that will calm them - and it's generally not in the form of a hot cup of tea.

From infancy, straight from the womb - when the baby cries it is offered its mother's milk as comfort.

From youth, when we performed well at a certain task or excelled in a certain area we were congratulated and awarded with food - whether it was a favorite cookie or one of mom's traditional cake masterpieces, created just for us. That made us feel very special.

From adulthood, when we reach a certain age, or when we succeed at work we're often rewarded with a party or a meal in a fine restaurant. So it's not a puzzle as to why we turn to food for comfort, for a sense of security - to let us feel reality.

And when we're stressed over a negative situation, those needs spike further still, much more so than when we've experienced a positive form of stress.

Relaxation For Muscle Health

Relaxation Soothes Tension, Relaxes Muscles: If you have ever worked over a set of numbers or have set for long intervals at work in one position for any length of time - a nice back or neck rub is absolute heaven in relaxing and calming those tense, tired muscles.

Relaxation's Healing Properties

Relaxation & Healing:Relaxation can even assist in healing the body. When I was a young lady I visited my doctor for a particular inflammation issue. When he told me to take some pain medicine, I hesitated.

I told him that the pain was bearable. That's when he told me that pain causes the body to tense and works against healing - that I would heal faster by dealing with the pain. And you know, when I did as he prescribed, I healed quitenicely - pain free.

Relaxation For Kidney Health

Rest & Kidney Function: Have you ever went to bed at night only to have to get up to empty your bladder? And you had done such before lying down. While we are at rest the kidneys are in their most productive mode.

Methods of Relaxation

While lying down or sitting in your favorite chair are both fabulous ways to relax, relaxation can even be found via activity. Here are a few examples of relaxation:

- Piecing together your favorite puzzle scene;

- Taking a nice, carefree walk in a beautiful area;

- Gazing into a fish aquarium, which can also work to lower blood pressure;

- Sewing, knitting, crocheting, woodworking, photography - anything that you love to do with your hands which brings about a sense of peace and harmony within;

- Watching birds or animals in the wild - or for that matter, personal pets. And of course, kids are fun to watch too when they aren't in too much trouble. Continue

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