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Weight Questions and Answers

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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How Did I Get So Fat?

Before I experienced a massive amount of weight loss, every day throughout my busy day I fretted about my overweight condition. It was constantly on my mind - either at the forefront or in the back of my mind.

Every day the following questions, thoughts and promises would go rampaging through my thoughts:

“How did I get so curvy? And, are my curves headed for a collision due to a coronary obstruction?”

My Solution for Losing Weight

“I’m going to quit eating for a week and ditch ten pounds even if it kills me!  And that’s just for starters.”

As a note, because I was so overweight - dropping ten pounds in one week was certainly achievable.

I'd done it before, only to quickly return to my former diet and weight - generally with a few more pounds added onto my body as I'd made-up for lost time. When I say 'lost time' I'm referring to the time that I was on that lousy weight loss plan.

Answer to Losing Weight Permanently

Losing the excess fat requires more - much more than a diet plan. It's a life-long journey. Simply put, if you're currently battling weight - and particularly if you have a significant amount to lose, count on being on a diet for the rest of your life.

Why? Because like me - you'll always have an eating addiction and that requires constant monitoring in order to keep body weight within a healthy range.

Other questions and thoughts that circled my mind included:

“Tomorrow I’m going to start a diet and lose ALL this crummy weight because this time, I'm going to take things very seriously. It's not like I'm five, ten, twenty or even fifty pounds overweight.

My obesity is a very serious situation. I have two kids to finish raising, and because I weigh so much, I'm worried that I'm not going to be there for them.”

And then I would ask myself:

“Why do some people eat all the food that they want, yet remain as thin as a slice of baby Swiss?”

“How can I possibly lose weight when everything at the market contains fat and sugar?”

“Why do All Things Green have to taste so bland?”

“What about that Cabbage Soup Diet?” And yes, I even tried that fad diet plan. Lost 16 pounds, regained even more.

“If only I had the money to lose weight. Why is all the healthy food so expensive? Shouldn't the fresh fruit and vegetables cost less than the foods that took time and preparation to package?”

“I hate sweating! Why is it always so hot? I must be going through the change. Again.”

“I hope I don’t see any long-lost family members before I can ditch these extra pounds. Mommy help!”

“I’m pregnant. No worries as I’m eating for two.”

“Tuna and boiled eggs again?”

“How could I have possibly gained five pounds in two days?”

“Why is diet food always so gassy?”

“I’d give my two eyeteeth to fit into a sexy swimsuit again.”

“Now where oh where did I put those blasted cupcakes?”

Answer to Weight Loss is in Breaking the Weight Gain Cycle

At times we take our eyes off the prize and look at things that don't really matter. All those questions - they were a waste of my time, but I didn't realize that.

I was trying to find things to blame on my state of fatness other than myself. After all, restricted diets aren't fun.

My time would have been better spent with focusing on the prize - the goal, and specifically a FITNESS GOAL.

I eventually arrived at this spot in time and learned that in order to lose the weight, I had to commit to a life-long plan - one that involved eating only the amount of calories that would support my recommended healthy body weight, in addition to adding exercise to my schedule.

Both are very difficult challenges and require great focus, willpower and patience to accomplish. But the rewards - that prize is great!

It's not that you won't ever be able to enjoy your favorite foods again. For example, I love iced cinnamon rolls.

When purchased there is a brand that is heavily iced which contains 210 calories per cinnamon roll. Every now and then, I'll purchase a package - which by the way, contains six rolls. I'll eat one each day and I share them with my husband.

The key to not gaining is to add up ALL the calories that are consumed throughout your day which are required to maintain your healthy weight. It's definitely a balancing act because of the energy-output factor. Next Page 



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