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Breakfast and Metabolism

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Healthy Breakfast Jump-Starts Metabolic Rate

One of the most common mistakes dieters make is opting for a weight loss plan that is too restrictive in an effort to speed up the weight loss process.

However, what is accomplished is actually a slow down in weight loss as the body gears down its metabolism to conserve precious energy to compensate for the vast decrease in energy (caloric) intake.

Incorporating all of the following will rev the metabolism into high speed. Watch out for those gs!

Golden Weight Loss Key, a Healthy Breakfast for Quicker Weight Loss Results

In my experience I have found a common complaint surrounding the morning meal in many individuals striving to lose weight.

Many feel that eating breakfast makes them gain weight rather than helps them lose - so they just don't eat breakfast. Ive been told on more than one occasion, Once I start eating for the day, I cant quit.

Although health study after study indicates that the morning meal is essential in revving-up both the mind and metabolism, I too was once guilty of the above, so I thoroughly understand these thoughts.

But once I started to lose weight and performed intense studies of the impact of breakfast in my daily diet  I was convinced that eating breakfast was essential in the success of permanent weight loss. 

For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I wake up and jump out of bed, hungry and ready to refuel. I'm good to go until lunch arrives and the better breakfast that I've enjoyed earlier in the day, the less that I eat for lunch.

Then it's on to a healthy afternoon snack, such as a serving of jerky or fresh fruit - or even a plastic bag of raw veggies. After that, I make dinner time the tiniest meal of the day as the body winds down and is unable to burn energy as efficiently as it did at the start of the day.

I got to bed, get a good night's rest - then when morning arrives, I do it all over again. Just try eating a good breakfast and see the healthy things it can do for your body.

Make certain that you opt for healthy choices - like a boiled egg and toast with orange juice OR a serving of hot or cold cereal. If you're planning to stick at tart or a donut into your mouth, the fat will create a slumbering effect rather than energize.

Eating a healthy breakfast can accomplish the following things for your body and mind:

more alert mind

breaks the overnight fast

helps regulate blood sugar levels

provides essential nutrition

starts the metabolism burn for the day

If you find that you often feel hungrier when you eat breakfast, its possibly your metabolism shifting into high gear so if you've enjoyed a good meal - feel the burn. You don't have to enjoy the feeling as it can feel much like hunger pains. Take comfort in knowing that the metabolism is working in full force to produce a slimmer you.

The metabolism is a wonderful mechanism and throughout the day is meticulously processing, utilizing and storing the energy that we consume as necessary. By embracing breakfast, youre preparing your metabolism for the next round of the day: a healthy lunch.   Continue


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