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Dieting & Weight Loss Expectations

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Average Loss Of Pounds While Dieting, Per Week

Are you prepared to be patient for weight loss to catch up to your expectations?

On average, a loss of 2 pounds per week can be easily AND safely achieved. The more weight an individual has to lose, the faster the rate of weight loss.  

The downside is that at some point in those individuals with a lot of weight to lose, weight loss slows to the 2 pounds per week average.

And of course, all dieters are different and due to extenuating factors, the 2 pounds per week is again Ė the average that one can expect to lose.  

About Rapid Weight Loss Results

In some individuals, weight drops much more rapidly. In other individuals, much more slowly. Given such, this formula may prove useful in calculating the amount of time it will take you to drop those unwanted pounds.

How to Calculate Time it Will Take to Lose Weight

Simply grab a calendar and divide the number of pounds that you wish to lose by 2 which will give you the amount of weeks necessary to reach that magic number. 

Mark the date and promise yourself that youíll give the weight loss process the time necessary to get there.

Itís important to keep in mind the notes that we mentioned above. You may reach your goal weight number in record time Ė losing triple the number of pounds, so please donít even think about getting discouraged.

Several influencing factors control the amount of time it takes to personally drop pounds.

Faster Metabolism & Other Factors That Influence Speed of Weight Loss

A faster metabolism, age, activity level, current diet, muscle mass - just to name a few of the most common influencing factors for rate of weight loss.

Another thing to consider is that if an individual lost 2 pounds per week over the course of one year, they would be 104 pounds lighter! Woo hoo! If they have more than 100 pounds to lose, then of course the weight is likely to come off at a more rapid pace.

Losing weight safely is vital. You donít want to end up with all the unwanted weight gone Ė as well as your good health. A two pound per week rate of weight loss will help you accomplish such.

Tip: When things go on the fritz - they choose to do such as the most inconvenient times.

Have you ever been extremely giddy when someone comes along with a huge pin and pops your balloon? The bigger your balloon, the louder the pop. And once things start on a downhill slide, itís hard to get a grip and regain control. 

Weight loss fuels the things that stress is made of Ė therefore, the dieter must be prepared for those inconvenient times.

Right now is a great time to start thinking about your Stress Triggers and how you might approach such issues using positive solutions rather than feeding the fire with negative responses.

Within every living being there is always room for improvement.  Continue


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