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Which foods do you most enjoy that are considered healthy selections?

Make a list of your favorite fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy products and grains that you most enjoy. This technique can assist you in building a strong daily diet that will be difficult to stray away from.

From the past correspondence that we've received from the readers, vegetables tend to be the group which create the most issues.

Getting More Vegetables Into Your Diet

I've had wives asked how they can get their husbands to eat more vegetables and moms who ask the same about their children.

If this sounds familiar, these tips for getting more vegetables in the daily diet may be of help:

Concealing Healthy Vegetables in Other Healthy Foods

- Hide or conceal vegetables inside of casseroles, soups and stews;

Finger Foods, Baby Vegetables

- Kids love finger foods and in this day and age the vegetable section at the local market contains all sorts of little vegetables to tempt your little loved one into Vegetable Submission.

Foods that kids can hold like baby carrots make perfect foods. Life doesn't always have to be filled with celery stuffed with peanut butter. Be sure to take any choking hazards out of the equation when choosing healthy snacks. And if the vegetables aren't finger size, simply cut them down to size.

Little cherry tomatoes, tiny yellow tomatoes called 'pear tomatoes', radish - both the white icicle and round reds, mushrooms - the button shapes in particular and the very tips of the broccoli (florets) are all excellent raw food choices for kids over five or more specifically, for kids where no choking hazards exist.

As you can tell, I'm a bit sensitive on the choking issue. We also lost our younger son to a Lifesaver when he was about that age, and then he nearly choked on cornbread at another time.

And when we had another incident arise and had to take him to the hospital,there was a couple who had collapsed in the hall as they had just lost their little daughter who choked on a cheese stick. So please, be careful about these bite-sized items.

If the veggie hater is an adult, I've never run across the situation where they didn't like at least two vegetables.

And the most popular among these were potatoes and corn. If that is all they like, then feel comforted that at least they are getting some vegetable content in their diet. If at all possible, encourage them to enjoy slaw or any salad containing greens. If not, those multi-vitamins are a must as well as a doctor's recommendations.

What triggers your desire to eat?

Stress? Happiness? Exhaustion or being just plain-old tuckered? The taste of food? The smell of food? The appearance of food?

Whatever your desire, recognizing the triggers can help keep your diet plan on track without getting it shot off track. If the smell of fresh popped corn sets off the hungries, then try eating something healthy before going to the movie house.

As to the 'appearance of food' the prettier you make your food - even bland food, the better it's going to appeal to your appetite.

Do you have control of what is prepared at meal time?

If not, itís time to have a fork-to-spoon talk with your chef.

What activities do you enjoy most?  

Biking? Swimming? Bowling? Hiking? Gardening and so forth. Seize these opportunities and pair your favorite activities with a healthy daily diet to see greater weight loss results. Keep in mind that 'daily' is key in both of these areas.

If you want to rest a day in-between exercising, make double-dog sure that you'll return to your fitness schedule. If not, then a daily fix might be best.

Which hobbies or low-key activities do you enjoy?

Whether itís quilting, fishing, watching television, playing video games, talking on the telephone, molding clay, drawing Ė or even finger painting, dieters who engage in activities that work to release stress are more successful in dropping pounds. Next Page 

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