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Tempted by Food

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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What are your favorite foods? Do you have a sweet side, or are you drawn to yeasty goodness?

When are you most tempted by food?

Recognizing potential pitfalls quells room for failure. Know your ‘enemy’ and know him well – and then make him your friend by inviting him into your life on your terms.

For example, if you enjoy chocolate pie rather than full-blown pudding in the pie, prepare with reduced fat milk and a sugar free pudding mix. Make the pie shell very thin.

If you enjoy fruit - then all the better. Rather than pineapple cake, skip the cake and feast on pineapple.

If peach cobbler suits your fancy, work on reducing the amount of dough used in the recipe as well as sugar content. And spices containing zero calories can go a long way towards producing flavor.

When are you most tempted to eat? Late in the evening between dinner and bedtime? Mid-Morning? Between lunch and dinner? Or, are you a weekend eater?

Late evening and weekends tend to be the common hot-spots for most individuals. After working hard all day – and all week, we like to arrive home, kick off our dogs and let our hair down.

Typically, this translates to pizza deliveries, fast food drive-bys and salty or sweet snacks to enjoy with our favorite electronic buddies (computer, video games, telephones and televisions).

Having a game plan in place during times of relaxation can take weight loss to a more productive level. Try preparing low fat, low calorie foods in advance which are easy to prepare in a flash. Or prepare some of your low calorie favorites.

Importance of Meal Time to Quell Late Afternoon & Late Evening Hunger

If you're experiencing the hungries in the late afternoon - after healthy snack time, then tough it out until dinner. It's just a short time away.

However, when the hungries strike AFTER dinner....there is a very long wait until the sun rises and breakfast shines.

This is generally the most difficult time slot for dieters and non-dieters alike to ignore. Therefore, mine that last meal of the day with fiber and protein.

Making Healthy Choices

A sizzling plate of chicken fajitas served with pan seared peppers and onions, some warm tortillas and a splash of low fat cheese and light sour cream contain eons less calories than that pizza from Father John’s.

Add roasted chicken - or a few beans and you've got protein and fiber in a wrap. 

You can enjoy one 80-calorie tortilla filled with ˝ cup of grilled peppers and onions, lean chicken, a spoon of light sour cream and low fat grated cheese for about the same number of calories as a serving of full-blown potato chips. No kidding Dick Tracy. And after eating two of these babies, it's unlikely that you'll be dealing with hunger pains later in the evening.

However, if you do - don't panic. Enjoy a fruit smoothie prepared with frozen fruit and skim milk OR a 100 calorie snack OR fresh fruit.

One hundred or less calories won't kill your diet plan but surrendering to the hungries and going on a binge can do major damage and in the end might even sink the ship.

For snack time, try enjoying a few fresh or frozen strawberries with a dollop of light whipped topping or reduced fat whipped cream (15 calories per serving).

Lower Calorie Foods That Require a Long Time to Eat for Your Diet Plan

What about low calorie/high protein jerky? A perk – it takes a while to eat. What about light popcorn? Fresh fruit?

What about a serving of sunflower seeds which will take you at least an hour to polish off? If you must enjoy chips, what about baked? And what about counting out that serving rather than eating from the bag?  Continue


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