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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Health & Happiness When Dieting - Or Not

The most important aspect of your life isn't your weight, rather your state of happiness.

What you weigh shouldn't ever take precedence over your life - or engulf every waking minute of your day.

Weight is just one element and should not define who you are.

The other important element in life is your state of health. Yes, one can be fat and fit but when one is trim and fit - they tend to be in the best shape. And how happy you will greatly influence your state of health.

If you have no medical issues and you are minimally overweight...say by 10 pounds and you are quite happy, then you are likely to be in a healthier state than if you were at normal recommended weight and very unhappy.

Humans Were Born to Make Mistakes, Even When Dieting

As humans, no one is perfect. We make mistakes and we will continue to make mistakes as time goes by.

Whenever we make a commitment and it falls through the cracks, a sense of failure tends to creep in and fill up the cracks.

Time helps form a seal which can act as a balm to soothe our feelings of failure, and shortly after they often dissipate.

Finding the Positive Elements Even Amid Failures

And just because we attempt something and end up failing doesn't mean that we shouldn't attempt the situation again for we may find great success.

On that note, before I dropped 120+ pounds going on two decades ago, I had attempted one diet after another. And yes, before that final diet, I had experienced many weight loss failures.

I never could conquer weight gain before my final diet. Sure, I lost down to my recommended weight several times - but Mr. Weight Gain always came back - rapping, tapping on my Pantry Door.

And learning from your past diets - the spots that caused you issues and derailed your plan make a great place to start your new reduction plan.

We can gain a positive - even amid our times of failures.

Healthy Body Weight is For Anyone Who Wants It

You too can succeed in conquering Weight Gain. It will not mean that your life will be filled with absolute happiness because Mother Nature has a way of slipping in other bothersome troubles surrounding life in spots that go void.

However, it does mean that you'll achieve a healthier level of life - a higher quality of life along with a good dose of self-confidence. You may even expand your lifetime by several years or decades.

Here is wishing you the greatest success in your weight loss quest! I'm rooting for you, my friend!

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