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Questions to Ponder & Answer When Dieting

Checking the pathway ahead by reviewing the pathway of the past can be of great help in meeting your weight loss goals.

Where we were, where we are and where we want to go provides vital knowledge from our past, support and motivation for our future needs and defines the mistakes made along the way.

The following questions are intended as mind exercises which can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals quicker.

When was the last time that you weighed your recommended weight?

If it's been a long time since you were at your recommended weight, there are several things that may have happened. You may have made several attempts to lose weight, but the plan didn't work for some reason or another.

Or time may have simply passed and with it, weight gain was an unwanted companion.

If it has only been a short while since you were at your recommended weight, then most likely, you do not have a significant amount of weight to lose. This is a great reason for everyone to weigh at regular intervals. When we see those numbers on the scales, we tend to take notice - particularly if they are much lower or much higher than we anticipated. When higher than we wish, of course we become frustrated. We know that we must change our eating patterns to reap change on the bath scales.

And when those numbers are lower than anticipated, several things may happen after we get over the thrill. We may feel super-motivated and continue to lose weight at a rapid pace. Or, we may choose to celebrate in a healthy way - such as shopping for new, skinnier clothing. Or we may have so much confidence over what we have accomplished that we get too big for our britches and end up celebrating too much on all the wrong things, which in the end - ends our weight loss plan.

Therefore, great caution must be exercised when the numbers are lower than expected.

Using Past Failures for Positive Results

If you have achieved weight loss success in the past, try to determine how you accomplished such, as well as the reasons why you regained the weight. This is an important piece of history which you can use during this time. Identify the areas where you experienced success as well as what contributed to the diet plan ending. Doing such will not only strengthen your current weight loss strategy, but also ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated.

Is your humble kitchen pantry currently packed with high-fat, high-calorie foods such as potato chips, snack cakes, donuts and cookies? What about your refrigerator?

Does it contain remnants of a meatloaf prepared with fatty ground beef, or a leftover cheesecake - or whole milk dairy products?

What about the area of the refrigerator which holds fresh foods?

Is it empty or does it contain a good selection of fresh foods such as a stalk of celery, a bag of carrots, a box of mushrooms, a package of fresh spinach, a variety of lettuce, turnips, potatoes and fresh greens?

How fresh are the vegetables?

Bad Foods Replaced With Healthy But Boring Foods

Many a dieter has evicted those Bad Boy Foods to make room for pretzels, jerky and rice cakes only to roam towards a binge that ends up destroying their well-planned diet. Keep in mind that no plan is foil-proof. Some pans are, however.

Given this, it makes good sense to allow the foods and drinks that we enjoy into our daily diet and compensate for the calories rather than lock them out of our lives - but to do such with careful planning.

The ability to maintain weight is achieved in part by managing the foods and drinks that we enjoy. 

After Fat is Lost, We Often Return to Former Diet

At some point going forward, favorite foods and drinks must be faced and itís best for the dieter to be in charge rather than the favorite food or drink whose strength stems from a tempting binge.

Oddly enough, it is we-ourselves that empower the foods that tempt us on a daily basis. Lassoing our control is the best way to conquer this common issue among dieters.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, your best remedy for weight loss is to stick to a plan that contains all the healthy foods that we asked about above.

These foods are not only healthy but low in caloric content and they contain minimal dietary fat content - and of course, they excel in nutritional value.

Why Restricting Food Favorites is Not a Good Idea

As to those former food favorites, don't be too restrictive and lock them out of your daily menus, because as we said - at some point your plan will end and what then? How will you handle the temptation?

For example, let's assume that you love apple pie. One slice of a pie that contains six servings has 300 calories. It's going to be difficult to fit this into snack time or even dessert time while dieting.

But the serving can be cut in half and fit into the plan quite nicely. The other half can be enjoyed the following day. As to the rest of the pie, always share the love.  Next Page 


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