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Menu From Doctor's Office

If your doctor sends you to visit with his nutritionist, you will likely be provided with a skeleton menu containing bland food.

But don't despair as seasoning and cooking methods can go a long way in turning a boring meal into fabulous.

How to Remedy or Work Around Boring Diet Menus

For example, let's say that your menu orders the following for lunch.

Lunch Menu for Dieters

3 ounces of tuna packed in water
5 crackers, low sodium
skim based cottage cheese, 1/2 cup
assorted raw vegetables, up to 1 cup
1 small apple
zero calorie drink

Creating Healthy Meals From Doctor's Recommendations

While the above menu may look pretty poor - it's actually the bones of a sensational meal! Here is how to increase the flavors of the above lunch menu for an additional 58 calories. We now have a meal fit for a king!

Tuna: add finely-chopped onion and celery to the three ounces of drained tuna. Also add 1 Tablespoon of Miracle Whip Free (13 calories). Also add a pinch of dried dill. Stir to combine.

Crackers: Look for whole grain unsalted tops. Enjoy with the tuna salad.

Cottage Cheese: Add 1/4 cup of pineapple tidbits to the light cottage cheese for about 20 calories.

Assorted Raw Vegetables: Opt for baby carrots, baby spinach and sliced cucumber. On the side, dip into a light, low calories, low fat salad dressing. There are several on the market which contain 25 calories per serving and they are truly delicious. Even balsamic vinegar makes an excellent choice at only 5 calories per serving.

Apple: Core and place into your microwave for about five minutes - or until tender. Sprinkle on zero calorie ground cinnamon. Add Splenda. For about 15 more calories, add a spoon of light or dark brown sugar. 

More on the Visit With Your Doctor

As you lose weight, if you have a significant amount to lose - generally over 50 pounds, your doctor may ask you to return so that he (or she) can monitor your progress. Seeing your doctor as you lose weight is particularly important if you are placed on a medication.

If you're given a blood pressure prescription, losing weight naturally lowers blood pressure - so your medication may need to be adjusted, or you may become one of the lucky patients and have noneed of the prescription going forward.

Your doctor may even discover that one of the health issues reference above is causing your weight gain.

Sharing Your Diet Plan With Your Doctor

In any event, you should share The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan with your family doctor if you are planning on using the daily menus.

Although these restricted calorie menus are based on the official Food Pyramid daily recommendations, there are instances where your doctor may require the restriction of some foods or food additives – such as sodium or particular fats.

If you have a heart condition, it is highly likely that sodium consumption will be limited. If you have diabetes, your doctor may want to place you on a diet which was developed for treating diabetes.

More Daily Calories are Usually Required at the Beginning of a Weight Loss Plan

In addition, more daily calories may be required at the beginning of your weight loss plan – such as in those individuals who have more than 75 pounds to lose.

As the pounds drop off, the daily caloric total will be adjusted so that you'll continue to lose more pounds at an even pace. Therefore, it is vital that you get your doctor’s opinion on personal calorie recommendations – as well as on activity levels.

Determining Best Activity & Endurance Level During Weight Loss

If you have been inactive for quite some time, your doctor may give you an endurance test to determine the best mode of exercise to pair with your reduced calorie plan.

Typically, you will start any activity program out slowly. Let's say that you've chosen walking as a mode of exercise.

At the beginning of the plan your doctor might suggest that you walk five minutes.

By the end of the week, you may have increased your walking time to double that - ten minutes. Asyour body gets stronger, you can continue your pace as well as the time that you exercise.

If you are in good shape and have thirty or so pounds to lose, your doctor may start you off at twenty minutes of walking - which can be increased over the days that you work out.

More notes about this plan located here: The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan. Or Continue to Next Page 



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