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Typical Types of Appetites

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Type of Appetite Reveals Secrets to Weight Loss

By reviewing what you ate and drink today (or even yesterday) which of the following categories do you fall into? What changes can you make in your daily diet to improve health benefits? To encourage weight loss?

The following categories define certain types of dieters.

The Snacker

Snacker: The Snacker is an around-the-clock eater. When at work, they find difficulty in passing by a co-worker’s candy dish without pausing to retrieve. When at home, their hands are continually locked onto snacks. And when meal-time arrives, they often find that they have a poor appetite. Wonder why?

The Snacker finds great difficulty during the weight loss phase in staying on track due to their former eating pattern which required constant attention. Gum and low-calorie suckers may help the Snacker Dieter from plummeting off the Diet Wagon - but take note that gum may serve to plump up the jaw line, creating a fuller look and the sucker may encourage dental caries. As you see, a Snacker just can't win.

The Lazy Dieter

Slacker: The Slacker doesn’t take the effort to choose foods that are best for their body. Any old food will do. They simply eat until they are full and watch helplessly as the numbers on their weight scales reach the ‘TILT’ stage.

The Slacker who chooses to take the Diet Bull by the horns can reap great weight loss rewards simply by learning to choose foods wisely. But take care as those horns tend to be very pointy.

Food Addicts

Lacker: They always feel like they are lacking something in their weight reduction plan. Fact is, Lackers are addicted to fast food – whether due to convenience, taste or personal choice. They have been known to wrap.

They can benefit greatly in the way of weight loss by honing in on healthier fast food choices that are lower in calories and fat grams.

Packing On Pounds

Packer: Packers know how to load up their plates. Unfortunately, packing the plate also packs on the unwanted pounds. Packers can benefit by sticking to single helpings of normal size.

No Set Diet Plan Equals a Dead End Diet

Cracker: The Cracker greatly restricts their diet, and then soars off the Diet Cliff on a binge without wearing a Diet Parachute.

Mastering balance can set the Cracker on the right course for Weight Loss Success. Balanced meals equal a healthier menu.

So Many Snacks, So Little Time to Diet

Sacker: The Sacker has no problem fitting a Frankenstein-size lunch into a Tom Thumb lunch pail. The Sacker often requires comfort foods and tends to embrace certain foods for certain moods.  

Sackers generally allow their heart to rule over their good senses. Inserting strength and resistance from over-sacking into their daily diet plan can greatly benefit Sacker dieters.

Getting on Track With a Set Plan for Weight Loss

Yacker:  All Diet Talk and no Diet Do. If you are reading The Shape of Things to Come Diet Plan, you are definitely NOT a Yacker eater.  Go To Next Page 


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