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Natural Obesity Cures

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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The Natural Obesity Cure

Although researchers are chasing solutions for conquering obesity, there already exists a natural cure.

The natural cure for obesity is weight maintenance. In addition there are other natural things that you can do which will eliminate obesity from your life.

Losing Weight Not as Difficult as Keeping it Off Permanently

Whereas most individuals have no problem dropping the pounds, they commonly lack the motivation and strength (and who wouldn’t when stuffed with nothing but rice cakes?) to continue dieting until they reach their Weight Loss Goals - chiefly, their recommended or suggested healthier weight, generally as prescribed by their doctor or nutritionist.

After the weight loss phase, who in their right mind wants to continue a bland diet - particularly when a chocolate brownie is waiting in the shadows along with a sassy looking strawberry cupcake?

Weight Gain Generally Happens Shortly After Diet Ends

Even those that hop across the Weight Loss Finish Line often find their scales on the up-rise shortly after their diet ended.  

Keeping this in mind, it’s vital to concentrate on the importance of Weight Maintenance so that once you reach your ideal weight, you’ll keep your ideal weight. No more dieting to lose weight!

And it doesn't have to translate into a boring, dull diet filled with an endless supply of rice cakes and sour grapefruit.

In turn, Weight Maintenance means discovering a daily diet that suits your personal nutritional needs, AND your taste buds, AND your personal cravings, AND your daily schedule – and so forth. There is nothing more vulnerable than a dissatisfied Diet State of Mind.

A note about the word ‘diet’ whose meaning is totally different from the word ‘dieting’.  

Everyone – thin individuals, over weight individuals, those who are at their recommended weight  – everyone is on a daily diet. It may be a healthy diet containing the individual’s daily caloric needs OR it might be a healthy diet containing an excess of the individual’s daily caloric needs.  

Or it may be an unhealthy diet OR a restricted diet due to a particularly health condition. No matter what the case may be, all of us are on a diet. Therefore, why not make it healthy? One spiked with more taste and flavor than carrot sticks? 

This doesn’t mean slashing all of your favorites from your daily menu OR never being able to come face-to-face with your favorite cookie - or that strawberry cupcake.

We can even tell Mister Chocolate Brownie to come out of the shadows as there is no need to hide. Even he can fit into a healthy eating plan.

What it does mean is embracing a higher level of health – of taking time to think before we grab a particular food and to count the cost that the food will have on our daily caloric intake.

Weight Maintenance Tips

The Ideal or Best Diet for Perfect Weight

Take 'recommended' 'ideal' 'best' and 'perfect' weight charts as a pattern rather than set into steel.

Ideal weight differs from individual to individual and is based on several factors including height, age, metabolic rate and the size of one's skeletal frame.

Dieting During Senior Years OR With Existing Health Condition

Older individuals or those who may be at high risk for certain health conditions may be advised to weigh a few pounds higher than their ideal weight.

Setting a Pattern Via Personal Schedule

Keep in mind that we-humans tend to best when we're set into a certain routine or schedule. Eating schedules as well as snack times are best set ahead of time to discourage grazing which leads to weight gain.

Determining What Works Best for You in Losing & Keeping Body Fat Off

Take one day at a time and live it to its fullest. Your healthy menu which contains foods that are in their raw state - or as near to it as possible can assist greatly in this area.  Next Page 



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