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Lose Pounds, How to Drop Weight Successfully

Article by Diet Bites

The Secret to Losing the Fat

So many people have asked me, “How did you do it?   How did you drop all those unwanted pounds? Please share your secrets so I can do the same.”

No doubt about it, if my pounds had been money – I’d be a rich middle-aged goat right now.  

On that note, the next few pages are devoted to struggles involved in losing weight, why traditional methods of dieting are not as effective as they should be, my personal experience in losing weight and my personal tips for weight loss that make losing weight a lot easier.  

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know firsthand that it’s no cakewalk (no pun intended).   It’s extremely difficult work which takes dedication, focus, time and effort.

To simplify the weight loss process, we'll use 'keys' which will assist in unlocking doors which in your former diet, may have been so tightly closed that you gave up your dreams of ever reaching your recommended weight.

Here are a few examples of the areas discussed in The Shape of Things to Come.

Our Dieting History, a Valuable Key in Unlocking Permanent Weight Loss

Observing our Diet History produces one of the most valuable keys to weight loss success, so we'll be taking a deeper look into this area and give you some pointers on how that information can help you lose weight going forward - because looking back isn't an option where failed diets go.

Later within this Free Diet Plan, we will match this key to the correct door.

We'll also discuss other obstacles which often block the path to weight loss success - such as weight loss plateaus, best snacks, how to rev-up a sluggish metabolism - as well as suggest low calorie recipes from our humble kitchen.

My Personal Weight Loss Success Story

But in the meantime, let’s drift back in time to my Diet History – going on two decades and 100+ pounds ago...

Once upon a time there lived a lady who was so curvy that while standing – couldn’t even see her feet, much less her toes.

Yes, those red polished nails with the white polka dots were going totally to waste and could only be appreciated by lying down on the bed and gazing into the mirrors padding the bedroom ceiling.

She knew those mirrors well. So many times she had gazed into them while zipping up her jeans – her girdle of the nineties. You may know the routine?

Lying flat on the bed, sucking it all in while struggling with a zipper that doesn't want to close?

But once it does, it can make the body appear several pounds thinner, particularly in the lower tummy area.

If there was just something to do with that leftover muffin top, all would be....grand, right? Go To Next Page 


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