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Do Diet Vitamins Work
for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Do diet and weight loss vitamins work?

Diet vitamins have been on the market for quite some time now and although they may provide a bit of packing when it comes to meeting daily vitamin and mineral needs for certain individuals who are unable to meet their daily nutrient needs.

However, we do not see a plethora of individuals touting significant weight loss results due to diet vitamins, do we? Due to such, we are not a big fan of vitamins which tout effective weight loss results.

Natural Foods, Best Nutrition Source

My recommendation is to grab your vitamins from natural sources which in turn will assist you best with weight loss.

Another plus?

The body easily recognizes vitamins in their natural form and it's smooth processing from there. There are also added health benefits from natural foods.

They support digestive health due to dietary fiber content [particularly vegetables, fruits and whole grains] and overall health. They work to keep the body's immunity strong.

When Vitamins are Needed

If you are currently on a restricted calorie daily diet then a multi-vitamin might be in order to ensure that your body is receiving proper nutrition. However - not those that tout weight loss.

Take serious note that a daily diet that is severely restricted in caloric content is challenging where necessary nutritional values are concerned and may pose serious health risks, including death to the dieter.

What does 'satiety powers' mean?

Foods with satiety powers are foods that curb appetite and stick with you long after they have been consumed.

An over the counter vitamin will not provide satiety power. Natural foods do. The closer to Mother Nature they are - the stronger the satiety power.

Some of the foods with strong satiety powers include:

- oatmeal

- eggs

- peanut butter

- beans, lentils

- acorn squash, butternut squash

- pumpkin

Eggs, peanut butter and beans also provide a blast of protein power which support muscle health.

In Summary

Diet Vitamins will not trigger weight loss but like other over the counter vitamins they may assist in meeting minimal nutritional needs while dieting.

If losing weight was as simple as taking a vitamin, the world would suddenly be a much thinner place.


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