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Dangers of Calcium Supplements
Including Vitamin D Supplements

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Health Risks Related to Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements

Thinking about taking a supplement in order to boost your calcium levels? If so, we urge you to reconsider as the situation may blossom into significant health issues.

The following risks to the body are significantly increased with the supplements. There are numerous scientific studies to support the risks.

Heart Health Risks

Heart health is compromised as risk of heart attack increases by about one-fourth in both men and women.

Supplement Risks: Damage to the Kidneys

Possible kidney damage; increase risk in getting kidney stones.

Iron Absorption Issues

A decrease in the body's ability to absorb iron.

Constipation Related to Calcium Supplements

Constipation issues, particularly involving the carbonate varieties of supplements. In comparison to kidney and heart ills, this issue is of the least significant. However, over time constipation can trigger other diseases and health issues so it's not to be ignored.

Mortality Risk Increased

Mortality risk is increased with one study involving Swedish women citing that risk of death was two times higher for those taking more than 1,400 mg's daily of calcium supplements.

Simply put, their risk of death were doubled. Keep in mind that we're talking about supplements - not natural food sources.

It's important to keep in mind that calcium is one of the vital electrolytes in the human body, assisting in regulating body fluids.

It's also important to note that there are no studies indicating a boost in bone mass related to these daily supplements, or is the risk of fracture reduced.

Recommended Daily Intake for Calcium

Generally more women are drawn to adding supplements to their health regime because they are at a higher risk for bone issues than males. But what is the current daily reference intake amount? Let's see:

Females that range in age from 19 to 50: 800 milligrams daily.

For those that are over the age of 51, the DRI is 1000 milligrams daily.

Recommended Daily Intake for Vitamin D

Females of all ages: 10 g daily.

In Conclusion

Due to the serious potential health risks involved with supplements, you should discuss your personal concerns with your doctor before taking.

Personally speaking, I am very leery to accept advice off the cuff which has served me well in the past. One of my doctors insisted that I get on hormone replacement therapy after a necessary hysterectomy and I refused.

A few years after that, the terrible consequences of this type of therapy were released to the public.

I never experienced any mood swings or other issues related to menopause after the surgery.

Therefore, I feel that there are times when we must make our own decisions as to how to proceed and that there are times when the risks far outweigh any benefit from medications and prescriptions, including over the counter.

I also feel that Americans are over-medicated, running to the doctor or taking a pill or potion to fix things when the root issue should be addressed so that the person is free of that ill.

For example, if Harry is 100 pounds overweight and has been taking medicine to deal with his heartburn, rather than covering up with root issue Harry should turn his attention away from overeating and lose weight which will most likely cure his heartburn issue.

This isn't to say that individuals at their recommended weight don't experience frequent heartburn. But almost always heartburn and digestive issues found in overweight individuals can be either eradicated or made minimal by losing the excess pounds.

Keep in mind that it's YOUR body. Once it's riddled, it may not recover. It's your choice.

In the case of calcium and Vitamin D benefits, we hope that you'll consider getting your daily needs from natural sources including foods, drinks and the sun.

And for stronger, healthier bones - take a walk or embrace another activity that you enjoy. Exercise increases bone density and the size of your bones, making their larger and more resistant to injury and illness.


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